Women: How to get your Ex Boyfriend back

There are times in life when the best thing to do when a relationship ends… is just moving on with your life. But there are also times when it’s worth taking action and trying to get that special man back into your life. You have be very careful though with men, as they desire a challenge (thrill of the hunt) and will not respond to you begging to be with them again. If you’re serious about getting your ex boyfriend back, there are some general guidelines that you should keep in mind, to make sure you succeed doing so.

What you shouldn’t do if you really want your ex-boyfriend back.

Don’t act desperate, otherwise that will most likely push him away. You want to avoid all kinds of drama and emotional flair. You may think that bursting out in tears will make him feel sorry about leaving you behind, but it will most likely make him angry and uncomfortable. Flirting with him or submitting yourself to him physically may seem like a good idea, but it will more than likely have negative results.

Don’t start nagging him, otherwise you’ll come across as a stalker. Do not leave dozens of messages in his voice mail, do not text him each and every day asking for a second chance. Avoid acting as though you’re obsessed about him (even if you are), because that will just outright scare him. It may seem difficult, but you should try to keep your cool whenever you approach him or call him.

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7 Legitimate Reasons to Spy on your Spouse

With this blog containing articles on how to hack facebook or myspace, I get a lot of mixed feedback from readers. A few people say “if you don’t trust your partner, don’t be with them” or that invading the privacy of anyone is immoral and low. The thing these people don’t understand is that it’s different when someone accepts a committed relationship with you. You have every right know who they are talking to or what they are doing if you’re in a committed relationship with that person.

If you’re thinking about spying on your spouse you have probably already detected some signs that your spouse may be cheating. Forget morals. Do the ends justify the means? Spying on your spouse can be the right choice for many reasons, and here are 7:

1. The desire to know the truth: Probably for some time you have sensed something is different or questioned the change of behavior in your partner. Perhaps you confronted your cheating husband or cheating wife and it was met with denial. This created a huge dilemma for you because a part of you was screaming, Hey, this doesn’t fit! I don’t believe it! To deny this part of you, which KNOWS the truth, creates a tremendous internal turmoil. [Read more →]

How to Quickly Get Over Your “EX”

Change is possibly the only constant in life, and having problems coping with it is very common – especially when this change involves the end of a relationship. It’s fairly common for someone to have trouble getting over their exes and moving on with their life – sometimes it takes years. There is nothing wrong with that, and it’s only natural… but all the while, if this is something you can personally relate with – if you’re having trouble getting over your EX, you should make a real effort to get your life back on track, for no one’s sake but your own.

First step..

1) Get rid of all physical evidence: If you’re holding on to those pictures and memorabilia of you and your ex-other half, that really won’t help you stop thinking about that person. In fact, you should go over your house and remove all evidence that even vaguely reminds you of the relationship you’re trying to get through. There’s no need to get drastic and throw everything away, or burn it to ashes (although some people find that is cathartic), but you have to get that stuff in a box and out of your sight. If you can’t do this [Read more →]

How To Ask Your Girlfriend If She’s Cheating On You

When a guy starts suspecting he’s getting cheated on, the most diverse reactions may ensue: such as spying, inquisition, begging, acting out, pouting or picking bar fights. But stop for a minute there; do you suppose any of those things is the manly and mature thing to do? If so, then you need to check your sense of perspective.

The mature thing to do is if you find yourself in this uncomfortable place is coming out straight and asking your girlfriend if she’s cheating on you. Grab the bull by the horns, rather than beating around the bush, you know? Obviously, it won’t be an easy conversation, and she might try avoiding your question lying… but this isn’t about her – it’s about you doing the right thing, the right way.

Besides, there are some tricks you can use to make sure you get nothing but the truth, or at least get close to it. It’s all about asking the question at the right moment and watching her reaction with more attention than her reply. Here are some guidelines you’ll want to keep in mind while probing for answers. [Read more →]

Top 5 Things you Shouldn’t Do When Dumping a Cheater

It’s extremely painful to find out your boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on you, and you may feel angry and betrayed. You should. It doesn’t matter if they were drunk, lonely, “on a break”, or just plain horny – there is no excuse if you are in a committed relationship. In most cases if you are cheated on, it’s best to get out of the relationship and dump the cheater. You may feel the world has crumbled around you all of a sudden, but take this opportunity to learn something and grow.

When you find out that your spouse cheated on you, it can make you feel hurt so intensely that you’ll want to do some really bad things. Physical violence should ALWAYS be avoided. It can land you in jail and make the situation even more embarrassing and worse for you. We’ve heard some real interesting stories sent to us by readers, and most people felt the cheater deserved the revenge – but did it make them feel better? In most cases… yeah it did, but you might actually be doing more damage to yourself than you realize. Why would you want to keep focusing your precious energies and attention on a person that clearly proved they don’t love you? You may think that’s a way of punishing that dirtbag cheating whore douche (forgive my language, i’ve been cheated on too), but as a matter of fact it’s just a way of punishing yourself.

Although an insidious act of revenge can make you feel better or that things are even, it won’t heal the wound and will make you no better than the cheater. The best thing to do is.. be classy. Show them that you meant nothing to them and move on with out a care in the world. This might even hurt them worse than any evil revenge, because take it from me… the best revenge is having them regret you.

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Dealing with a Jealous Boyfriend or Girlfriend

That ugly, destructive and rampaging green monster:  jealousy in a relationship. While there are certain situations in which a bit of envy can actually be healthy (since it means that person is indeed afraid to lose you), but still… it goes without saying that excessive jealousy in a relationship is not only exhausting, but potentially destructive as well – unless you learn how to deal with it and keep it in check and, of course.

If you’re not sure how to deal with this kind of issue, but you feel that jaundice is indeed a growing problem between you and your romantic partner, this article will provide you with a bit of insight. Remember, you have to watch for signs of jealousy early on… because if you let it evolve into Hulking standards, the green-eyed monster could take hold of your partner, and the ensuing situations will only get more irrational and challenging to deal with.

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Ashley Madison Review – Watch out, shes a naughty girl!

Have you heard about Ashley Madison? Word on the street is that she’s a real nymphomaniac who’s only attracted to married guys. So, if you’re currently in a relationship, you will want to watch out for this seductive bad girl; in fact, even if you’re wearing the pants you should watch out, since Ashley Madison might just convince your husband/wife to cheat on you… Now, before you go and google for info on this Ashley Madison character, I might as well tell you it’s actually a website we’re talking about here. Not just any website mind you – but an arguably deviant dating service. geared towards married couples in particular. Ashley Madison actually offers a GUARANTEE that you will have an affair (or your money back. And this is not some kind of swing community, in case you’re wondering… it’s actually a service that is based on tempting users to actually cheat on their spouses just for the kicks.

“Life is Short. Have an affair.”

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Get a Prenup Before Marriage – Relationship Tip #2

A prenup is not always about protecting your money. A prenuptial agreement, or prenup, is a legal agreement entered into by a bride and groom before marriage. If a marriage comes to divorce (2008 statistics say it’s about a coin flip of 40%), a prenup will protect your assets from the person you are divorcing. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I believe that most relationships don’t last forever (just look at the statistics) and that when it comes to divorce… thing’s can get extremely messy. It should not be considered bad to get a prenup and I will explain why and how prenups can be used for more than just protecting your assets.

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How to Hack a Facebook Account

Hack FacebookMany people would like to hack a facebook account in order to find out some information. Since our blog is focuses on catching cheating spouses this is a hot topic these days. I’ve written many hacking guides for myspace, hotmail, etc. and they all are pretty similar. There are lots of scam sites and such telling you they can hack for money, or having you download “hacking tools” that are actually designed to steal your own passwords.. and these should be highly avoided.

This article will tell you exactly the real ways you can hack a facebook password and view it’s activity. There are 3 methods, and 1 of them is free:

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Relationship Tip #1 (accessing phone records)

The majority of couples living together or married have their phone service under one account (either because it saves money or its just easier), but what you might not realize is that it is very important that your name is the primary one on the account.

Simply having a phone line on the account will not matter when it comes to ownership – your phone number and call records belong to whoever’s name is on the account and you will need permission from the account holder to even transfer your phone number in the future. By having the account in your name you are insuring that your phone number is 100% yours and that you can access your spouse’s phone records whenever you want. Vice versa, you will also be protecting yourself from your spouse accessing YOUR phone records without your permission.

If your relationship were to ever head to divorce (and we both know divorce statistics are high), proving infidelity can be a huge factor in your favor during divorce court. If you do not have the phone account in your name you will need to file a Motion for Production of Documents with the court and subpoena the phone company for the call logs – not an easy feat. You could also get your spouse to sign a release and hand it to the phone company, but I don’t expect that to happen very often ;).