Get Revenge

Ruin their High School Reputation is a great place for revenge! Sign them up for a free account and then enter the school name and location and graduating year – instant access to all his dear old friends that go way back to his high school years!

Request CallBacks Online

Enter his/her name and phone number into the CallBack Forms found on many web sites – They’ll call back immediately. If you plan to use this to the extreme, consider using a public computer or proxy 🙂

Offensive Mail at Work

Send highly offensive envelopes and postcards to his/her work. There’s no telling how many people will see the items before it reaches them!!

Use chatty strangers to Blow Up Their Phone

Go to a popular website for chatting . Chat it up about how you love talking dirty over the phone. Make it convincing and then post your ex’s phone number. This site is great to use, you have to register but its free and you can make up a fake name.

Send Emails in their Name!

How do you fancy sending your ex an email from her new partner saying the relationship is over? Or what about sending your ex’s boss an email that looks like it actually come from them?
Well guess what – you can and what’s more, it’s totally untraceable and free! Try this site:

Call them with Fake Caller-ID

Use SpoofCard to make the caller id show any number you want. This is some good fun

What is a Spoof Card you might ask? Spoof Cards allow you to choose the number you want to show up on the persons caller ID! Spoof Cards also provides voice changers to make you sound like either a man or a woman! Pretend to be your ex’s new lover, the STD clinic, or even the police! Just don’t do anything illegal. To buy your very own Spoof Card go HERE

Free Anonymous SMS (text message)

USA or Canada phone:

Optional Subject:

Message:(up to 140 chars)

If you agree to the terms

Cheater in da club!

Use an ultraviolet pen to write on your ex’s favorite clubbing shirt. If you only write on the back of the shirt they might wear it out more than once without even noticing. If you can’t think of anything to say on his shirt try drawing an obscene picture or word.

SPAM the Mailbox

Sign them up to receive tons of catalogs from tons of companies.
FREE Catalogs from