How to Hack Facebook

Note: While we have already covered this topic in more detail under How to Hack a Facebook Account, we’ve written again to shortly concise the 3 best ways to hack facebook.

There are many who covet to hack into a Facebook account in order to access some intimate data and information. There are many techniques and paths to performing such an endeavor. Some of the most effective and prominent one’s are mentioned as following:

1. Hack With Spy Software:

This is a technique that is undoubtedly the best path there is to hacking into Facebook. The thing that puts off and dissuades many from this path, however, is that this path requires payment of monetary sorts. Despite the fact that this is paid software, still the truth remains that Spy Software is the number one and most effectual method that there is to discovering someone’s Facebook password.

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Dealing Emotionally with a Cheating Husband

So what if you have a cheating husband? It could get worse, but it CAN get better!

This might come across as a stupid thing to say, but it’s true. From time immemorial, human males have been hunters, and human females have been gathers; in the primitive days, men were in charge of hunting down animals, and women were fit to stay in the cave and look after the children. This just goes to say… men have a genetic predisposition to spread their seeds in order to assure survival of the species, while women have a genetic predisposition for watching over the sacred temple: home.

Rest assured though… I’m not trying to say that it’s okay for men to cheat because they are just following their genetic programs. Any man who uses such argument to his defense is foolish, and he has clearly forgotten the days of prehistoric caves are long gone. But still… you should keep in mind that sometimes men will cheat not because they’re unhappy with their relationships, but simply because it’s just… something they do. Granted, if you’ve been victim of a cheating husband this logic will do you no good, but it might set you on the path to setting things straight.

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Is He Cheating

It’s nice being in love. Making the googly loving eyes and staring at each other for hours, sounds cheesy but sure is nice! Your lover gives you all the attention, affection and appreciation you have been craving for. Most people say that friends can provide exactly that, and without any expectations. But that’s not true! Although friends are the main source of happiness, yet they tend to be funny and sarcastic most of the times. The much needed filling that needs to be done in the void in your heart can only be done by a true lover. The problem with today’s love partners is they get attracted to others very easily! It’s almost as if they change their love choices as they change their clothes on a daily basis. If you believe your lover is true and sincere, you might just be blinded by his love! There’s no harm in checking if your partner is sincere to you or not. It would only save you the trouble of spending so much miserable time together! [Read more →]

What an “It’s Complicated” Facebook Status Can Mean

Facebook is an amazing website, with notable usefulness. You can use it to keep up with friends and acquaintances; you can rely on it as a personal networking tool. And of course… you can also take advantage of Facebook as a way to find new romantic interests! Sure, maybe the world’s largest social network was not exactly conceived as a dating platform. But truth of the matter, it does work like a charm to that effect. And let’s face it, if Facebook had not been intended for that kind of use, it wouldn’t include features such as “relationship status”. We all know this tidbit of information is prominent enough that it’s usually one of the first things you look at while visiting the profile of someone you know… or someone you’re planning to get to know. But what exactly does it mean when someone lists their relationship status as “It’s complicated”? [Read more →]

Why Spying On Your Spouse May Not Be So Wrong

In a perfect world, spying on your spouse would not be wrong. It would be pointless: because in a perfect world, your spouse would not conceivably cheat, lie, or have your best interests at heart.

We live in the real world where human beings are by definition less than perfect, and this reality we live in has millions of shades and hues. Trying to conceive of these moral matters in terms of right and wrong unfortunately doesn’t work.

[Read more →], Turn Your PC Webcam into a Spy Camera for Free

A hidden camera is an age old way of catching a cheating spouse. There is nothing better than catching a cheating spouse red handed. You may have even considered buying an expensive spy cam, but hidden cameras are expensive and not exactly sold at walmart. But hold on a second.. maybe you can use your computer as a spy cam! Why spend hundreds of dollars on hidden spy cameras when you can use the camera attached your laptop/PC? Duhhhh..

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MobiStealth Review and How to Install on Android Phones

MobiStealth is probably the best phone spy app i’ve seen and used – it has the most features, compatibility with a ton of phones, and the best user interface of any remote spy software i’ve used before. Since my article on the comparison of the top 3 android spy apps, I have been getting a lot of emails about how it’s deployed and how well it works… so I decided to write a more thorough review and instructions on how to install MobiStealth.

Please note that it is not currently possible to install MobiStealth or any other spy software on a phone that you do not have physical access to. See the installation process below for an idea of what you need to do to start spying on a phone.

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How to Spend Valentines Day Alone

Many people are not fans of Valentines Day. It’s a day when you are reminded that you are missing out on love. Who better to love more though than yourself! Here are a few things you can do on valentines day that dont involve dinner and a movie with that special someone.

Call your mom

This is a must… remember when your mom bought you hershes kisses every valentines day? The least you can do is call her! If you love her then there is no better day to say it :).

Splurge on yourself

Hey guy, that’s not what I meant.. now clean yourself up.

Valentines Day is normally the day when flowers, candy, and gifts cost a gross amount of money compared to the rest of the 364 days of the year, and all of the suckers out there decide to buy their gifts the same day. Lucky for you, you can save your paycheck and buy yourself something instead. Have you been eyeing a new phone or something? Buy it. New suit? Buy it. Let valentines day be the guilty pleasure to yourself and declare it “Me day”.

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Relationship advice: romantic tips.

This is something most adults will realize sooner or later: getting into a relationship is easy enough… but mantaining a relationship, that’s where the real challenge lies. Once the throes of passion subside, it’s very common for a couple to drift together, and things have a way of going sour unless you take regular action to sweeten the deal.

If you lack the imagination to engage a streak of romance naturally, there is no need to feel bad about it… especially since there are strategies you can use to re-kindle the connection to your other half. In case you need some ideas, this post will provide you with some romantic tips that you can rely on. Just try doing some of these things, and you’ll be surprised with how a simple gesture can make a positive impact in your relationship.

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6 Creative and Harmless Revenge Ideas

When someone has hurt your feelings, usually the best thing is just forgetting all about that person. Revenge may sound like a tempting thought, but more often that not it’s not worth the trouble. You will be happier if you focus on positive things rather than obsessing about the wrongdoings someone has inflicted on you. But still… sometimes the “walk it off” advice doesn’t help everyone, and harmless revenge may be better than doing something you’ll really regret.

If someone has went out of their way to hurt your feelings, it can be good for your self-esteem doing something to make things even. There are creative and harmless ways to get revenge which can be rather annoying for the victim, and allow you to get a sense of justice without crossing boundaries that might get you in legal trouble (such as smashing the windshield of their car or keying it). Some ideas for your consideration:

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