Dealing with a Jealous Boyfriend or Girlfriend

That ugly, destructive and rampaging green monster:  jealousy in a relationship. While there are certain situations in which a bit of envy can actually be healthy (since it means that person is indeed afraid to lose you), but still… it goes without saying that excessive jealousy in a relationship is not only exhausting, but potentially destructive as well – unless you learn how to deal with it and keep it in check and, of course.

If you’re not sure how to deal with this kind of issue, but you feel that jaundice is indeed a growing problem between you and your romantic partner, this article will provide you with a bit of insight. Remember, you have to watch for signs of jealousy early on… because if you let it evolve into Hulking standards, the green-eyed monster could take hold of your partner, and the ensuing situations will only get more irrational and challenging to deal with.

Watch for classic signs of jealousy in a relationship

–          Unwarranted suspicion: is your partner consistently too inquisitive regarding what you’re doing when you’re not around or when you happen to be late?

–          Excessive curiosity: do you suspect he/she is always checking your cell phone, computer or Facebook accounts to detect for promiscuous behaviors?

–          Passive aggressiveness: does your partner tend to give you a hard time when you’re “too” nice with someone, assuming you must be hitting on that person?

These are some of the commonest early signs of jealousy in a relationship, and you should watch out for any of these behaviors. If you have answered “yes” to at least two of the previous questions, you may be faced with emerging trust issues; if you really care about the person you’re in a relationship with, you should take action to dismiss those nagging concerns and insecurities before they start infecting the relationship.

If you casually ignore these behaviors or assume they’ll just go away with time, you’ll potentially undermine your romance. Left unchecked, jealousy in a relationship can be quite destructive; on the other hand… if you take action soon, you can think of it as a chance to strengthen your bonds with your significant other, as well as improving the lines of communication and reinforcing your intimacy levels.

Effective communication is an important foundation of all healthy relationships, and whenever you realize your spouse is acting out jealous feelings, you should do your best to understand those feelings so you can do something about them. Jealousy in a relationship is not unlike a cancer, in the sense that it’s easier to deal with the sooner you detect it… and if you fail to detect jealousy, it could eventually lead to the demise of the relationship.

How to deal with a jealous romantic partner

Be Open: If you don’t have anything to hide, then you might as well be open about it. Tell your partner how you wish they could trust you more, and ask what you can do in order to earn that trust, or what you have done not to earn it in the first place. At the same time, make it clear that trust issues aren’t fertile ground for a blooming relationship.

Be Direct: There’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind, especially if learn how to do it gently, without raising an argument. Make it clear that you don’t appreciate jealous behaviors, especially if you feel they’re uncalled for. Don’t just ignore the problem and hope it will go away, because it will surely get worse and deteriorate your relationship fairly quickly.

Be Supportive: Remember, if the person you’re having a relationship with has jealousy issues, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t trust you… most likely it’s just a matter of lack of self-confidence. If that’s the case, you can address this problem by extending your support and trying your best to make that special person feel appreciated.

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