6 Creative and Harmless Revenge Ideas

When someone has hurt your feelings, usually the best thing is just forgetting all about that person. Revenge may sound like a tempting thought, but more often that not it’s not worth the trouble. You will be happier if you focus on positive things rather than obsessing about the wrongdoings someone has inflicted on you. But still… sometimes the “walk it off” advice doesn’t help everyone, and harmless revenge may be better than doing something you’ll really regret.

If someone has went out of their way to hurt your feelings, it can be good for your self-esteem doing something to make things even. There are creative and harmless ways to get revenge which can be rather annoying for the victim, and allow you to get a sense of justice without crossing boundaries that might get you in legal trouble (such as smashing the windshield of their car or keying it). Some ideas for your consideration:

1) Junk Mail Mayhem!

Nobody really likes junk mail, right? Well, that’s a shame, since it’s fairly easy getting loads of it… just look for all kinds of contact request on-line forms, catalogs, loan companies and get started. If you spend a couple of hours on-line submitting the e-mail address and postal address of the person you want to effect revenge on… you will flood that person with junk mail rather easily, and they’ll find it much harder to make it stop.

2) Dog Poo Position!

There are lots of interesting pranks you can pull using dog poo: stuff it on the victim’s air conditioner or air vents, push it inside their car’s door handle, under their doormat, inside their shoes, gloves… you’re limited only by your imagination, and the availability of animal feces in your surrounding area.

3) Bird Toilet Training!

If the thought of handling dog poo – even for the sake of revenge – is out of the question, this solution will seem much more elegant. You just have to get a big box of bird seed and spread it over the victim’s car overnight. When the person come back in the morning, they’ll be surprised with the new bird-feces-colored paint job on their car.

4) Exhaust Pipe Stuffing!

Do you know what happens when you stick a potato in the exhaust pipe of a car? As much as the person tries, the car just won’t start, and it will probably take some time until they realize what’s going on. Quite likely they’ll even call a mechanic, and get late for work before they realize what’s going on. Simple, highly annoying and not much damaging to the car!

5) Naughty Presents Dispatch!

If you’re willing to spend a few bucks to get your point across, nothing screams “you’ve been served” like having the victim receive an extremely embarrassing package in their mailbox. Use your imagination and think of something neat, like sending over a DVD of extreme gay bondage to their mail every week for a couple of months. For best results, wrap in up in a transparent package, so the world can see what’s going on.

6) Sexy Services Subversion!

If you have a picture of the person you’re trying to get revenge on, just use it to make a neat flier promoting their “sexy escort” services, or something to that effect. Make it seem genuine, and spread it all around the neighborhood in strategic places. How’s that for neighborly embarrassment?

These are just some ideas, but it should be good enough to get your imagination started. Remember, you don’t want to do anything that involves property damage, otherwise you can get into trouble. Try to keep it subtle for best results, and make it as annoying as you possibly can. That’s how you make things even and get the last laugh.

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