Is He Cheating

It’s nice being in love. Making the googly loving eyes and staring at each other for hours, sounds cheesy but sure is nice! Your lover gives you all the attention, affection and appreciation you have been craving for. Most people say that friends can provide exactly that, and without any expectations. But that’s not true! Although friends are the main source of happiness, yet they tend to be funny and sarcastic most of the times. The much needed filling that needs to be done in the void in your heart can only be done by a true lover. The problem with today’s love partners is they get attracted to others very easily! It’s almost as if they change their love choices as they change their clothes on a daily basis. If you believe your lover is true and sincere, you might just be blinded by his love! There’s no harm in checking if your partner is sincere to you or not. It would only save you the trouble of spending so much miserable time together!



The first thing you need to notice is the amount of time your partner is spending with you. If he says he has some “work” to do after regular intervals of days, then there’s something fishy going on! He might also be super loving and caring towards you, appreciating and praising you all the time so you won’t notice anything about him. This is where you need to pull up your stockings and start working on ways to bust that cheater!

The first step you need to take is start confiding in him. This might make him guilty about his affair and he might confess. If this doesn’t work, you can start following him to his important piece of “work”. You need to pull off a disguise that makes you look different. This can be done by wearing shaggy clothes with messy hair and a pair of glasses. Don’t worry, he won’t recognize you! Follow him by keeping a fair distance with him so he doesn’t notice being followed. If you find him sitting next to really hot girl and looking awesome in his best attire, you would know it’s a date! There’s nothing wrong in busting this date right there and humiliate that cheater in front everyone! But wait, this can be an official meeting too. After all, the business women these days are gorgeous too! In order to be completely sure about this woman, you need to wait for his actions. If he grabs her hands or makes his flirting face then you’ll know it’s a relationship breaking woman! But if he stays formal and keeps his distance then there’s nothing to be worried about.

The key is to keep your man attracted to you so he doesn’t go anywhere else. Heck my man tried going to other women and I told him off because he wasn’t the one for me. And how did I know that? Well, let’s say I kept finding a bit of lipstick here and there on his clothes every now and then. But if you are extremely sure that you can do something else that would make him stick to you only, then you have to keep yourself maintained all the time. Put on the right amount of makeup and be in your best and hottest attire around him. Show your true care and affection instead of being the girl with an attitude problem around him. Be the one he loves and adores instead of being an utmost source of stress and tension for him. There is nothing better than being in love and keeping it that way for long periods of time.


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