Get your LIFE back 1: Not the same as “Get your EX Back”.

When a relationship ends, more often than not there’s a person who abandons the relationship – and another person who wishes the relationship wouldn’t have ended. It has been so from the dawn of humanity, and quite likely it will be so for as long as the human race endures. Breaking up is just a natural part of being in a relationship, in the same way that dying is a natural part of living.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you suffered to see your boyfriend or girlfriend get out of your life, you surely have a good idea of what I’m talking about. If you are in such a position right now, maybe you’re reading this article looking for help. That a good thing, and you will get such help – but it may be in the form you expect. You see, in my opinion there are only two ways to escape your present suffering:

1) Deal with it. Accept you’re better off without that person; even though you may be suffering from romantic withdrawal, you should recognize your relationship wasn’t positive. If so, you need to focus on getting your life back.

2) Deal with it. If you can honestly say that your relationship was healthy and promising for both you and your partner, do something about it – but make sure you know what  you’re doing. Learn how to get your ex back.

3) Deal with it, but please do yourself a big favor and avoid making rash decisions and desperate moves. I’m well aware you’re suffering; but before you act, you need to stop and decide on the right course of action.

Ok, so to summarize our topics…. you really need to deal with it. First and foremost, you need to quit evading your pain; it’s there for a reason, and you can learn something from it. You can become a better person once you let your pain change you for the best. Just be honest with yourself, and don’t let yourself go sour on account of your suffering.

The most important thing you need to do right now is figuring out the most appropriate course of action – that’s before you deal with getting your life back. You should notice I’ve written get your LIFE back, not get your EX back. In some cases it will be the same thing, in other cases it will be just the opposite. That’s why you need to do some soul searching and really be honest to yourself before you even think about doing anything else.

You need to figure out if your life was better while you were in that relationship, or if you were just addicted to that person.

That’s right, people can get addicted to one another – just like a drug. And like a drug, the effects of such addiction can be terrible and devastating. Especially if one person moves on with their life and the other one doesn’t. This is why at this point you need to really stop and think hard in what you’re doing:

Are you suffering because you genuinely love your EX, or are you suffering just because you were addicted to being in a relationship?

It’s usually difficult to tell the difference between both scenarios. Within your aching personal point of view, emotions will easily blur your perceptions. You will be the one source of your own misery for years to come, unless you take action now. Be honest with yourself, and decide whether you need to get your ex back or if you just need to get your life back.

Talking about honesty, here’s something I really need to point out: I don’t know you, dear reader. I don’t know your EX. I have personally no idea if your relationship is worth fighting for. As such, I cannot possibly advise you in the right course of action. HOWEVER, there is something I can do that will hopefully clear your mind. In fact, this month this blog will be running a special feature specifically focused on that purpose.

During the rest of the month, I’ll be telling you three different stories related with the whole Get EX Back concept. All of these stories end differently, and all of them are based on real people I know. I will only change the names of these people to safegueard their privacy, but other than that I will tell their stories just as they happened.

And when I’m done, you’ll hopefully realize that Getting your EX back may be the best thing you can do. Or it may be the worst. Or it may just be a great way to fool yourself. Hopefully when I’m done telling these stories by the end of the month, you’ll have sufficient perspective to make an informed decision.

I need you to take this month for yourself, for searching your answers inside yourself. Please avoid making rash decisions; avoid texting desperate messages or sending long-winded outbursting e-mails. This month, I would like you to take some time to think about what you REALLY should be doing, before you go and do it.

Make sure to subscribe to this blog (if you haven’t already), and each week you’ll get an e-mail with the latest section of this 5-part “Get your LIFE back” special feature. I promise that when you finish reading the last you’ll know what will be the right course of action for YOU.

And you WILL get your life back, regardless of whether you get your EX back as well.

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