Truth about Password Hacking/Cracking

There are a few real ways to hack into online accounts, and there are many fake ways you will see all over the internet. Most of these fake ways tell you something like “you need to send an email to [email protected] your username/password in the subject line” which is some fake Yahoo account owned by some guy that just stole your password.

I’ll outline some common myths and things that don’t work, then i’ll tell you exactly how I did it and you can too.

Things that people think work, but really dont:

Brute Forcing

Brute force is basically a term for a method of “forcing” combinations of passwords against an account login and is usually performed by a software program to automate the process (doing it manually would be just plain stupid). Sometimes these programs use a dictionary file of common words to guess the password, or they will literally try every combination of letters, numbers, and characters possible. The problem, and why this method is completely useless, is that almost every service like yahoo, hotmail, myspace, etc does not allow repeated attempts on a particular login. Brute forcing is as old as computers are and it’s easily prevented. Even if there was not this limit – the possibility of guessing the password with a dictionary file is extremely high, and attempting every combination of a password can sometimes take years or decades at estimates.
Magical “codes” – known as Exploits

Exploits are most often specially formatted URLs or codes that take advantage of a vulnerability/flaw in order to cause unintended behavior, such as accessing account passwords or private information. MySpace itself has been the victim of a large number of exploits that have caused celebrity profiles like Alicia Keys and even Tom to be hacked. While these do work, they don’t work for long and very seldom shared with others when discovered. Thinking you will be able to find an exploit or “code” online that will help you hack email accounts is a waste of time. There has not been any Yahoo or Gmail exploits in the past 2 or 3 years, so don’t get your hopes up. Hotmail is a different story :D.

Hacking Services

The biggest risk of them all is using a hacking service. While most of these services cost anywhere from $200 or more, many of them are just software products that are as useful as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Hacking into a private email is illegal everywhere privacy is enforced, so you can expect that no legitimate company is going to offer an actual hacking service. In fact, sometimes you can even be blackmailed into providing more money or the hacker will notify your target of your evil attempts. You can’t trust other people with sensitive information like this, so just DON’T DO IT.

Other Myths and Truths You Probably Didn’t Know

Changing your password often will protect you: MYTH
Use different passwords for everything will help protect you: TRUE
Simply reading an email could cause your account to be hacked: MYTH
Using a long password with numbers and letters will protect you better: MYTH
Hacking is done by geeky nerds with incredible technical knowledge: MYTH
A 13 year old hacked Paris Hilton’s cell phone records: TRUE

The best way to Hack an Account Password?

It’s simple, it’s called Social Engineering. Social engineering is a crafty art form of tricking a person into divulging information, whether they know it or not. A more common form of this is called Spy Software, which monitors a computer for information. To hack a password, you just need the right tools and to be sneaky with your attempt. The perfect tool for this is called SniperSpy. It has been incredibly usefull for me and helped me deal with my first cheating wife. It’s remotely deployable – meaning it doesn’t need to be installed manually by you at all. I simply sent the SniperSpy module to my wife via email and told her it was a security patch for Windows that she needed to install. After that, i was able to use the features of SniperSpy to see everything she did on her computer.

Be prepared for what you might find though. The fact that it is remotely installable is something i haven’t found in any other product, and i know many of us do not have physical access to the person’s computer. Now since I paid for the laptop she uses and we were married at the time, I think it was legal for me to do so. Installing spy software on a computer you do not own is probably illegal, but i’m really not a lawyer so please understand my statements are not legal advice. This is hands down the best way to catch a cheater, gather information, or basically hack a password. You will gain access to emails and other information with SniperSpy, it just works.

Update: You may also want to read our full review of Sniper Spy to find out if it’s right for you!

60 Responses to “Truth about Password Hacking/Cracking”

  1. ringo says:

    I hope you will not use it against usual user. I hope you will not do it. do u have exploits for linux?

  2. maria says:

    i need my bf yahoo password…
    really suspicious with he

  3. risha says:

    my husband cheating me i want to know the password of my husband email-id

  4. moonlight says:

    I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. I want to hack into his email account
    and find out what he is doing behind my back. Can you help me?
    im realy crying ,,i try many ways but in vain :'(
    i trust him but he still betrayed me
    i realy need ur help
    his ymail ([email protected])

  5. Technologist says:

    Indeed keyloggers are the best way to obtain information “not for your eyes”
    So watch out @ dodgy internetcafes where they have m$ running and no antivirus.(or extremely out-dated)

    In general keyloggers are warned and removed by most av programs..

    Best solution: go linux!!! sure.. also here are keyloggers to use, but at least not unwanted on your pc..

  6. Concerned says:

    Hey thanks. My fiancee is a really untrustworthy guy, and everytime he always seems to get mail either on facebook or yahoo that he always hides from me. I need to know whether he is cheating before its too late. Also he always has girls leaving flirtatious comments on facebook and refuses to answer my questions. I love him so much but if i can get this information which would be true, I can finally move on. I need his yahoo account. Please email me on [email protected]

  7. Brian says:

    I have two kids with her 5 n 2 she left me n her own house she talks behind my back to her mom trying t6 get her facebook pass word i have her id number n email addres i got word that she loves me n wonts to comeback but think she cheating on me please help me find out for me n my kids please i need to see her wall n inbox on there please help

  8. anthony says:

    please help my girl has been fucking around on myspace and i need to catch her in the act please help me

  9. savage wolf says:

    I really want to see her passwords. she cheating me for a long time. I just want to expose her for being a nymphomaniac. she has 8 or 10 email account. and i want to spy on her. please help me…

  10. savage wolf says:

    Hi, I really need some help. we have a 5 years in relationship. she in us army and station in korea. she suddenly cut our relationship and i saw those pictures of her and her new boyfriend i facebook. I just want to expose her and her lustious act. I want to all of her 8 email accounts. Please help me to get her passwords

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