Is My Man Cheating?

I know we all have doubts. Some of them are justified, others are fueled by fear. That’s why it is helpful to see the signs and think long and hard before making an accusation. Look at the signs, open your eyes a bit wider to see if you notice anything. There are 5 major changes in a man when he is cheating.

1. Loss of interest in you is the most common sign of cheating, and the true reason why men decide to cheat! Hence, it is important be interesting and sexy to your man – be fun – and do it often, so you keep the fish hooked. Otherwise, he is but a simple creature and can be lured by another.

2. Changes in physical appearance. He will want to look better for the other woman, and feel refreshed and young again. A sudden change in the clothes he wears, hairstyle, or increase in exercise can mean he’s trying to impress. It may be you, but it also may be someone else.

3. Mood swings or a difference in personality can indicate a sense of guilt or a change in the kind of man he is or wants to be. He may not like the person he was or the life he lived, and cheating is a way for him to separate from his old life and begin anew. Believe it or not, most men naturally feel guilty about cheating in some kind of way. If he gets angry at you for strange reasons, this is a good indication that he feels guilty about something.

3. Cell phone or computer habits suddenly change. These are the vital modes of communication he will use when talking with another woman. If you suspect he is using his cellphone to cheat, try out MobileSpy, one of the products we’ve reviewed and really like. The only downside is that his phone might not be supported and you may need to buy him a new phone that is compatible with the spy software.

4. Spends more money or is broke a lot more. If you are a women, you probably know yourself how expensive we are. Dinner, movies, trips, gifts – they add up and can make a man go broke. You should look at your mans finances and see if you spot anything out of the ordinary like jewelry you never received or repeated dinner purchases. Don’t accuse him based on anything you find, as theres a chance it’s completely harmless. Ask him :).

5. Spends less time with you and more hours “working”. This is a classic one, but it’s very true. Women take up time, so it’s almost certain he will be diverting his time from normal activities to spend with this other woman. He will probably make up excuses for being late every once in awile, but most of the time covering his tracks with “going fishing with a friend” or a “business meeting”.

You should consider each one of these harmless on their own, but if two or three are true in your case – be investigative. Once you know if your man is cheating or not, make sure you have a plan of action that you will take after you accuse him. You need to decide whether it’s time for you to move on or whether this relationship may be worth a second chance.

6 Responses to “Is My Man Cheating?”

  1. nicole says:

    i wanted to have sex but but his penis wasnt up was he cheating

  2. samantha says:

    hi i think that my boyfriend is cheating on me what should i do?

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  4. […] Written by Relationship Solutions, an expert source on ways to catch a cheating wife or answer the question is my man cheating? […]

  5. Carla says:

    I am a 30 year old single mother of two that just recently caught my boyfriend on dating websites and porn sites and he lied about to my face. Do I leave him or do I give him another chance??

  6. Is My Man Cheating? says:

    It’s a good list and to be fair I agree with it entirely.

    However, if a woman thinks her partner is cheating – why not just dump him immediately? The insecurity and suspicion are there regardless of whether or not he is being unfaithful and that’s more than enough to corrode a relationship to breakup.

    If she’s right about him being unfaithful then she should leave him. If she’s wrong then she doesn’t deserve him. I know this comes over as very black and white but at the end of the day even if the woman finds out for sure – she’s going to be in the same position:

    If he’s cheating – he’s cheating.
    If he’s faithful – her insecurity will drive him away eventually. Whats the point of staying together?

    I’m not trying to be smart here – I’m just taking the egoic “I want to be right and take the moral high ground” aspect out of the equation. Being right or finding someone out doesn’t make it ok. In fact what could be a very temporary fling may well become a more permanent fixure if a guy finds out his partner has been bugging his phone, computer and car. I know I wouldn’t want to live with a woman that spied on me regardless of how I chose to live my life.

    Best wishes everyone,


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