Divorce Law for Canada

When talking about getting a divorce in Canada, you should know that there are several reasons that you can file for divorce and win, without any hassle. I will explain the different reasons for a divorce that can be the reason for a divorce, if any of these reasons are your own reasons then you have grounds to file a divorce. Just because your qualify for a divorce doesn’t mean that you should be having a divorce, it takes serious thought and time to figure out if a divorce would be the right solution for your situation. If you want to get a divorce, one of these happenings, these are not requirements for divorce, but they do stand for grounds for filing a divorce.

Adultery: If you have found out that your spouse is cheating on you, this is one of the grounds for divorce. Adultery is the spouse being in physical contact with another person for sexual reasons; this does not mean the spouse has to be sleeping with another person. Often times when couples catch their spouse kissing or making-out with another person it is grounds for divorce right there, and often this is what this kind of act can lead to if a person in a relationship commits adultery.

Separated For Over One Year: When a couple is separated, for a time period of one year then this couple will have the right to have a divorce. Often if a couple is not living together for over one year, the couple has no intent of making the marriage last, this is why a divorce in this case is appropriate.

Cruelty: Couples that live in Canada have the right to file for divorce, if the spouse is being rude, or cruel to them. This is a text-book reason for many divorces across Canada, if this is your case, then you should have a mediator when having negotiations about the divorce as this could help lessen the amount of time finalizing your divorce will take.

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