5 Revenge Ideas for a Cheating Ex

There are many ways to get revenge on a cheating spouse. Many people will tell you that the best way to get revenge is to do nothing at all. As difficult as this might be, it is good advice. Sometimes holding your head up high and moving on will have more effect on a cheater than anything else you might have in mind. Here are 5 revenge ideas to get back at that friggin’ cheater!

  • Sell something of theirs they love, like an ‘expensive toy’
  • Take out a ‘single and looking for quick fling’ Ad in the newspaper and include their phone number
  • Date their Ex
  • Make up elaborate flyers for a wild party at their house and wait for the guests to arriveā€¦
  • Change their voicemail message to something you want all his/her friends to know.

Things you probably shouldn’t do:

  • Spread rumors around that they contracted an STD
  • Buy a gun
  • Burn their stuff in a large burnfire of glory
  • Engrave ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ in their car permanently
  • Post a craigslist ad saying they are moving and all their stuff is up for grabs
  • Upload “personal” pictures/videos to the internet
  • Get them fired from their job

Remember, try not to get too involved in getting revenge. It is nothing but a mechanism to help you move on, as that is what you must eventually do.

2 Responses to “5 Revenge Ideas for a Cheating Ex”

  1. Dismus says:

    when you marry, other guys will also do the same to your wife.

  2. keevin leonard says:

    i like sleeping with married women

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