Thought about having an affair? New Dating Service

Infidelity is on the rise – and it may be a good thing for some.

More and more women are finding themselves trapped in loveless marriages and there are many reasons these same women choose to stay in their relationships. Some do it for financial reasons or because there are children involved, or some do it simply because they’re afraid to be on their own. Fact is – countless women (and men) are finding satisfaction in discreet affairs via online dating services. There is obviously a lot of controversy over such a service, and while I do not agree with cheating, I do believe in happiness. Every situation is different, so I will gladly provide info on any subject that may help someone.

A new and explosively popular dating site has emerged primarily for people that are married.. and looking for an affair.

Go on, make yourself happy - have an affair!

Ashley Madison is the world’s largest online social networking service of it’s kind and has been featured on Oprah, Dr.Phil, CBS, ABC PrimeTime, 20/20, CBC, and Fox Television.

My Review

I tried out the service for a few months, and I have to say it does the job. Although anyone can join, it is mainly geared towards discreet relationships. During my trial of the service, I found the majority of people were not interested in you unless you were already in a relationship. This is because your potential partner would be risking more if you were single and they were married, so be warned. I found the service to be very slow going for the first month or so, getting only a few potential hookups. I think this was because my profile was very simple and had no picture. After re-doing my profile a bit and including a nice clean picture (with my face hidden) of me in a business suit, I began getting a flood of messages – almost 5 a day. The ratio of men to women is 3:1, which isn’t too bad considering regular datings sites are 10:1. The one thing that turned me off during my experience was their “Tokens” system. They can be a bit pricey at 100 tokens for $55, which will allow you to send emails and instant messages to different members. Overall, the dating site is very exceptional for having a discreet relationship.

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