Taxes In Divorce Settlements

When you are getting a divorce, often couples do not realize that any money awarded to either the ex-husband or ex-wife will be taxed by the government because these are considered “Gains” to the government.

When getting a divorce settlement(s) you will want to make sure that you realize that there are several taxes that should be considered when trying to figure out how much money you would have after the divorce settlement(s) are over. If one of the husband or wife in this couple was not working and taking care of the children the usually must be paid payments to ensure that they will not be homeless after the couple separates, these payments are usual in divorce court and are something that should be considered when going into talks about the divorce settlement.

When trying to figure out your divorce settlement(s) you will want to know that all gains will be taxed, do know that this includes any monies that you get when you sell the house and then divide up the money between the spouses. First this money will be taxed with sales tax and after this then you will be taxed on gaining so much money at once through the sale of your property, this may sound unimportant but something that must be realized when going through a divorce settlement(s).

If you are the spouse that will be receiving payment from the other spouse known as “Alimony Payments” you will need to know that this income should be taxed, and is taxed like any other income. The usual overall tax percent for income tax is around 25-30% of what you earn. If you do not remember this and pay this to the government you can run into big problems and end up owing a lot of money to the government. Make sure that you can afford to pay these taxes and if you cannot afford to live on the alimony payments alone then it is suggested that you obtain a job after you have a divorce.

Divorce settlements can be tricky and this is why it is important to know all of the information you can before going into a divorce, many people don’t realize there will be many taxes that must be kept track of and this is something anyone dealing with a divorce settlement(s) should know. If you have experienced these kind of divorce settlement(s) taxes please share your experience by commenting below this post, thank you.

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  1. jean says:

    i will be homeless and without transportation when my husband divorces me. i will have to go to a homeless shelter

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