SniperSpy – The Full Review!


It will now notify anyone using the computer that it is being monitored, with no option to remove. Please check out KeyProwler for a better alternative.


SniperSpy Spy SoftwareCatching your spouse or monitoring someone is by far the hottest topic on my blog. When people ask me what the best PC spy software is, I almost always recommend SniperSpy. I used it successfully 6 months ago and it is amazingly effective for stealthy remote monitoring. Many people have asked me specific questions about SniperSpy in which I wasn’t entirely sure, so I decided I should do a complete review! I will run down exactly how to use it to catch a cheater and whether it is the right choice for you.

SniperSpy has some very unique features that give it huge appeal to curious investigators like yourself. One of these features is that it installs silently, hides itself from being detected, and shows no indication that the computer is being monitored. This makes it the most stealthy spy software of any I have seen.

Stealthier.. how?

In the US, computer monitoring laws are gradually putting pressure on spy software companies to make it harder to to monitor a person without their permission. Many other spy software have been forced to add alerts and messages that indicate the computer is being monitored, but not SniperSpy. They want their software to be as useful and functional as it should be, and leave it up to the customer to not misuse it. Computer monitoring law is still very unclear on subjects like whether you can monitor a computer you own without the person’s consent, but if you’re going into divorce court and you have proof of cheating because of SniperSpy, the judge is not interested in whether the information was obtained within the law – it is concrete evidence of infidelity. My point is most spy software companies have bowed under the pressure, but SniperSpy has simply moved their company overseas and kept their software stealthy.

How it works

SniperSpy creates a program they call a “module” that, when ran on a computer, will monitor that computer and upload the information to SniperSpy’s website for your viewing. Deployment is an essential step and basically involves getting the person to run the module on their computer. The most common way this is done is via email or sent via instant message from you along with a convincing reason to run the file on their computer, for example “this will make your computer faster” or “there is a new virus out and the program will prevent it”, etc. As soon as the module is executed on a computer, it immediately begins logging and uploading information. You can then simply login to your SniperSpy account from anywhere in the world to view the activity. SniperSpy even has a “live control” feature that will allow you to view the computer’s files, shutdown the computer, and other cool features.

The module is super fast to create and takes about 1 minute. I made a slideshow of that process below!

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Ok, so how effective is SniperSpy? Once you’ve got the module executed on the target machine, it begins logging keystrokes, websites visited, internet searches, file changes,  instant message chats, and taking screenshots of computer activity. I decided to install the module locally on my laptop which my girlfriend often uses. After monitoring the computer for a few days, I logged into the control panel to see what activity had occured. The first thing I noticed was that the control panel was very sluggish, taking around 10 seconds everytime I wanted to look at something different. While this was annoying, it really didn’t affect the information that had been logged. A number of websites had been visited such as,,, and I could see every key that was pressed while on those sites (including passwords entered). I then browsed over to the screenshot logs. A screenshot had been taken every 5 minutes (300 seconds), but none of the screenshots had a screenshot of her logged into myspace. I realized that every 5 minutes is too long of a time to capture myspace messages or emails that get read and then deleted, so I changed the capture interval to 10 seconds. In a single day, this maxed out the 100 screenshot limit, so you will either need to upgrade your screenshot limit or do what I did – look at the screenshot logs soon after she had checked her email/myspace. After that, there was nothing I couldn’t find out.

After a week of testing, I only noticed a few problems.

Sometimes the keyboard input will “lag” producing a 1 second delay in the action desired from your keyboard. Basically, gaming sessions or typing long essays can be slightly annoying to the person being monitored. I tested this on two different computers and same problem – it is probably just a bug that will be fixed later. (fixed in latest version 7.0)
The online control panel website was pretty slow when I tested, taking up to a minute to communicate with the monitored computer for some operations. Annoying, but probably because they have so many logs on the server. (fixed… extremely fast now)
-Module is detected by some virus scanners, but not the big names Norton and McAfee used by 90% of users. I also had no problem emailing it via Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail as an attachment. Here are the results of the virus scan 4/24 (16% detection rate):

Virus Scan of SniperSpy Module

If you are trying to convince someone to run the module and their computer has a virus scanner or firewall, you might want to give them a reason to turn those off and then run the module you sent them. Just say it’s an important windows patch for your computer ;).

Overall, SniperSpy is a very usefull product and absolutely perfect for monitoring a computer you don’t have physical access to. The online control panel makes it ultra portable requiring no install, extremely stealthy, and at $79 it’s a steal.

Grade: A-


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59 Responses to “SniperSpy – The Full Review!”

  1. Nishant says:

    what if we want to stop monitoring that person…….if we hv sent a module by email and afterwards i want that it should be removed from his/her system without physical presence so hw it is possible……and where we can see the log on our system or on the web…if it is on the web than someone else could also know about it by spying my system….and whats the security that the site is not seeing my details?

    • The module they run communicates with the SniperSpy website and you view the logs from the web yes. They give you an account you login to view the details so it’s just as secure as any other account online. I don’t know if they encrypt the logs or whatever, but if you’re worried about someone that works at the company reading your logs.. that’s a bit paranoid (and who cares if they did).

  2. Alex says:

    Could please explain me how to disguise the module into a picture, so my ex would open it without beeing suspected?

  3. Kary says:

    So as I am readingthis…. in order to have this upload on the “victim” ‘s computer you need to send it through email and save it in their computer? how is that possible if the Techi significant other sees or detects that newly added folder? is there another way to just upload it and not sae it?

    • No folder gets created just the file you send them, but when it runs it does nothing (visibly). The trick is to bind it with another file (using a binder) or tell them it’s some update to protect their computer and when it does nothing they’ll assume it didn’t work and that’s all.

  4. Koki says:

    My concern is about the safety of my personal info. If I install it on my laptop which me and my gf use, how safe would be my personal info such as online banking details and stuff. Would anyone be able to access them on the server where the log files are stored?

  5. John says:

    What if you have a mac but want to send it to a regular PC with windows. Is that possible?

    • @John

      Yes, there is both a Windows and a Mac version. You need to choose the one for the computer you want to spy. It doesn’t matter what computer you have as you only need internet and a webbrowser to access the data from sniperspy’s online control panel.

  6. Thomas Pinter says:

    when deployed remotely, is there someway to get past the anti virus, anti malware, programs?

  7. Alan says:

    I have the same question as John down below: I use a PC and the target is a Mac. Would the module I create work on that system?

  8. Curiious says:

    I would like to know if i can activate the web cam like the other leading products offer.

    • No, webcam monitoring is not available. I am unaware of any “leading” products similar to SniperSpy that offer webcam spying, so maybe you could enlighten me to what product you are referring to? The problem with webcam spying is that there is often a light indicator on webcams that turns on when the webcam is being used, which obviously doesn’t work well for spying, and also webcams are very bandwidth intensive (for realtime streams) – they would probably have to raise prices to accommodate this feature as it is a technically demanding one.

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  10. foysal ambia says:

    I think I have recently had this software deployed in my computer, can you tell me if there is anyway for me to check if I have this and if so how do I get rid of it or find out who set it to me ?

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