MobiStealth Review and How to Install on Android Phones

MobiStealth is probably the best phone spy app i’ve seen and used – it has the most features, compatibility with a ton of phones, and the best user interface of any remote spy software i’ve used before. Since my article on the comparison of the top 3 android spy apps, I have been getting a lot of emails about how it’s deployed and how well it works… so I decided to write a more thorough review and instructions on how to install MobiStealth.

Please note that it is not currently possible to install MobiStealth or any other spy software on a phone that you do not have physical access to. See the installation process below for an idea of what you need to do to start spying on a phone.

Installation process

Installing spy software on a smartphone takes a few steps and can be confusing for someone not familiar with the phone they are installing it on, but the process is fairly easy to do within 10-30 minutes.

  • First, while on the home screen, press the menu key on your phone and go to Settings->Applications and make sure that “Unknown Sources” is checked.
  • Next you must open the phone’s browser and visit the download link you have been given by MobiStealth. This will begin downloading the spy app which is about 1MB and will usually take no more than a minute on 3g.
  • Once the download completes, pull down the notification menu at the top and press Download Complete to bring up the install confirmation. The app will be named SecurePhone and makes no mention of MobiStealth anywhere in order to disguise itself. Hit install and the installation will finish in a few seconds. Now hit Done.
  • You will now need to restart the phone.
  • Once the phone has restarted, you are presented with this screen:

Name of the app is SecurePhone and makes no mention of mobistealth anywhere in order to not look like a spy app. Process is well hidden with the name 5 minutes after being installed, all current data (call logs/sms history/website history/etc) on the phone is uploaded to mobistealth’s website where you can look at it there.


Data Logging (SMS/Calls/Pictures and Video)

Within a few minutes of entering my login information into the spy app all of my text messages, call history, browser history, pictures and videos were uploaded to the mobistealth control panel. The pictures and videos took a bit longer to show up though, so if they don’t show up immediately they will eventually. During this time I couldn’t tell that my phone was doing anything sneaky – it didn’t slow down my phone or do anything visible.. completely stealthy.

Location Tracking

Now that the data was all captured, it was time to test the location tracking. Tracking the phone can be done with or without the GPS on. With the GPS on you get street level accuracy, without it on it’s decently accurate still. Location data is polled every 8 minutes and this setting can be adjusted remotely to something lower. This history can be viewed on google map with plotted locations showing where the phone has been all throughout the day. I drove around town with it and it was really cool to see the exact plot that I drove. You will want to lower the location interval to something like 1 minute though if you want to see a more exact route while driving around town – this of course will increase battery drain on the phone cutting a few hours off it’s battery life. The default 8 minutes works fine for knowing where the phone is spending most of it’s time at.

Call and Surround Recording

These have to be the most exciting and useful features in MobiStealth, and good news – they work great! On my phone, I was surprised that this worked so well. All my calls were uploaded online and I could hear both sides of the conversation. MobiStealth says that this feature does not work on all phones (and they will give a 20% refund if it doesn’t as I’ve been told), but it worked on my phone and was really clear.

Surround recording I tested heavily. MobiStealth is able to record for 5 minutes, 10, or 30 minutes and basically uses the microphone in the phone to record. Because phones these days have automatic volume adjustment the sound was not quiet. You can actually hear what is going on even if the phone is in your pocket, as the phone is trying to pick up sound at low volumes. Conversations are incredibly clear, was for me, but this obviously depends on the quality of the phone. The only negative I can say about this feature is that the text message you need to send to the phone to activate surround recording is not hidden, so the “secret sms code” needs to be something you don’t mind them receiving.


Overall, MobiStealth is a very amazing product for spying. I can’t imagine needing any more features for spying on your spouses phone. I expected to have some problems and was pleasantly surprised that everything worked flawlessly.

Is it worth it?

While their main competitor (Mobile Spy) is somewhat cheaper – it does not offer the same features or the best online interface. I believe if you really want to spy on a phone completely, MobiStealth is the best choice and worth the extra dough.


Some FAQ’s I’ve been asked by Email

Do they provide updates for free?

Yes. As long as you are a MobiStealth subscriber you will receive the latest upgrades to the MobiStealth free of charge. The software on the phone though can not be automatically updated (phone limitations) – you will need to update it manually.

How do you download the logged data from the phone?

You only need a web browser and the internet. Go to mobistealth’s website and and log in to the Stealth Club. All phone pictures, videos, sms history, call data, etc is available there. Also, almost all the data can be downloaded to your computer for offline access as .jpg (pictures), .3gp (videos),  and excel .csv (call history/location/sms).

Can I install Mobistealth on the target phone remotely without having physical access to the phone?

This is not possible. And currently there is no such product in the world that can do this.



38 Responses to “MobiStealth Review and How to Install on Android Phones”

  1. Cheaters Wife says:

    Target phone is a Samsung Galaxy SII I9100 unlocked phone
    Anyone know the best call record settings for this device? Option A that kind of works but all I can hear is the target voice and not the connected callers voice.
    other things is working great,SMS,call log
    Any ideas?

  2. v says:

    i want only call recording to some particular numbers
    i dont want sms, facebook updations, gps tractions, or any other features.
    is this possible to get one feature working on mobilstealth

  3. Amy says:

    Call the phone. If they answer it will stop the recordings

  4. Wayne says:

    Target phone is a Samsung Galaxy Nexus on verizon. Anyone know the best call record settings for this device? I have found one combo that kind of works but all I can hear is the target voice and not the connected callers voice.

    Any ideas?

  5. Jeffrey Ong says:

    That’s funny, their support team is saying it will not work. Anyways, my other concern is that my wife also has LOOKOUT MOBILE SECURITY installed on her phone. If lookout starts to scan the target phone, will it flag MOBISTEALTH as spyware? If it does, my wife will suspect it and I contacted LOOKOUT support and they are saying that flag it as spyware. But of course that’s them. I want to ask actual users with LOOKOUT installed if there would be problems. Thanks.

  6. Jeffrey Ong says:

    Do you know if this will work on GO SMS? My wife doesn’t use the default SMS app but downloaded third party GO SMS and uses that as default.

    • Yes it does work with Go SMS, I use the same third party SMS app. The only thing that doesn’t work with it is SMS commands.. they are not hidden, so don’t send any commands via SMS only use the online interface.

  7. CJ says:

    Is there anyway to stop the surround sound from recording once it has started?

  8. H says:

    This Is à very important question. The cellphone I download Mobistealth to, does it have to have jailbreak on it? If its not jailbreaked, Will it still Work?

  9. RON R says:

    Mobistealth seems to not always work. Access to the site is down at times. And when u need the info right then mobis no help. Problems can be fixed but customer service / help desk seems India based and is the worst and I do mean worst customer service I have ever experienced. They deleted my account and all account info, they deleted help requests because they did like my requests or my explaining there errors. One guy really was the worst Sunduss Habib was his name. Wow he wouldn’t give me a supervisor or fix the problems and deleted my posts and his own posts. Even suspended my account to get rid of me so I would contact him regarding any problems with mobistealth …. Beware you won’t be able to fix the problems with tech support or billing. Beware. Buy programs just like mobi and install it and its a one time payment . These guys won’t help u better to save money in the long run and do it yourself.

  10. jimmy says:

    Will this app appear in the applications list under menu, settings? I don’t want any visible signs anywhere its running, under any name. Even secure phone. I know its not in the regular applications list but what about the manage applications list?

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