How to Hack MySpace Accounts

Myspace - a place to cheat on youMySpace is usually a goldmine for juicy information and cheating messages goin on in one’s life. I personally found my girlfriend had cheated on me by discovering a myspace message in her inbox (rather, she forgot to delete her trash) – she was arguing with a guy about how he contracted an STD.. I couldn’t believe it. I got tested and thankfully I was completely clean, but I learned a valuable lesson about trust. As you can see and probably understand, knowing the truth is very important and many others agree.. even though there are others that say it is unethical. I say when it comes to your health and happiness the most ethical thing is to take care of yourself. It is very common for them to flirt, send sexual photos, or even create entirely new myspace accounts to secretly have another relationship – I have heard it all from the people that read my blog. It’s no wonder many people want to know how to hack a myspace account..

I have been experienced with hacking and computers for over 11 years so please, don’t listen to other people that know nothing. There are only 2 ways to effectively hack a myspace:

Spy Software (aka Keyloggers)
(requires money, but easy and works everytime)

Keylogging is the best method to obtain a myspace password because not only can you capture the password, but you can get ALL of their passwords, store history, and see every piece of information entered on the computer. Keylogging refers to the monitoring of key’s pressed on a keyboard, but a good spy software has many more features such as taking periodic pictures of the computer screen and chat logging. Some spy software does not require you to have physical access to the person’s computer and can be installed over the internet – this is highly popular with soldiers stationed over seas or for hacking friends.

I have tried over 20 different spy software products and there are only a few that haven’t been pressured by “privacy groups” to alert the user that they’re being monitored.

If you live with the person you want to hack, you should check out one of the best keyloggers for PC monitoring called AceSpy. You only need a few minutes with their computer to install it, or you could install this on your own computer and capture the activities of anyone that uses it. This spy software has a ton of features from IM logging, keylogging, screenshots, and everything else you would expect from spy software, but it does it with more emphasis on MySpace monitoring and password capturing. It logs information silently without any alerts and captures every key pressed on the keyboard.

If you don’t live with your target or have access to their computer, it is still possible to hack their myspace password. The only software that works (and works amazingly well) is SniperSpy. SniperSpy is a remote spy software that installs silently on your targets computer. SniperSpy gives you a module that you can send to your target (via email or instant messenger) which when ran will begin monitoring. No physical access to the target’s computer is needed as it simply installs over the internet. SniperSpy also has some amazing special features – you can view their computer screen LIVE from anywhere at anytime via SniperSpy’s website, which means you don’t need to install anything on your computer either to view all the data it collects. You will be able to view the history of chat conversations, web sites visited, and gain access to all the online accounts they log into by searching through the keylogs. It even takes image screenshots of every internet webpage they look at, so that if they are permanently deleting their sent/received myspace messages (like paranoid cheaters), you can still read the messages that have been deleted by looking at the screenshots stored by SniperSpy! This is the program I used to catch my girlfriend, and because i’ve gotten so many questions about it I recently wrote a full review of SniperSpy in which I highly recommend it.

(free, but more difficult and technical)

Phishing is basically tricking your target into giving you their login details without them realizing – this is how almost all accounts are hacked by spammers. The most common way this is done is by setting up a “fake login page” which looks identical to the real myspace login page. The hard part is getting the person (or lots of people) to that fake login page, but many tricks and creative ideas used over the years have fooled even the savviest of computer users. Once the victim is on your fake login page and they try to login, the username and password gets emailed to you they get emailed to you and they get redirected to the real myspace login page thinking they mistyped their password. This is essentially the most effective and stealthy way of hacking a myspace account, but requires some technical skills to setup and pull off.

There have been many different ways to show the fake login page to the victim, for example: changing a MySpace layout to look like a login page, invisible “div overlays” that redirected to your fake login page when user clicked somewhere on the page, and most commonly an email can be sent that looks like it came straight from [email protected] telling you to please login and update your password (or theres many other email tricks like fake friend requests). You should not consider this method if you are unfamiliar with computers and the internet, period. There is no software or product for it and you must do it yourself in most cases, and if you decide to pay someone else to do it they will charge a lot and you take a huge risk in getting scammed. If you are interested in hacking a myspace using phishing tecniques, we have put together an ebook with instructions along with a fake login page creator tool. See below>>

[stextbox id=”download”]We received legal threats to remove the download from our site, so we have had to place a fake ringtones offer in front of it that you must complete in order to view the instructions and download the phishing page creator tool. You will need to enter your cell phone number, confirm the PIN code, and the download link will be texted to you. Download here.[/stextbox]


Exploits and other hacking methods are explained in our Truth about Email Hacking/Cracking where I outline other possible methods of hacking passwords that simply can’t be done by the 99% of people. Just read this to educate yourself.

I hope this article has helped you. If you have any other ideas/suggestions, please leave them in your comments. Please don’t contact me asking to hack for you – I won’t. Please participate in the poll below so I can better help my readers.

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