Christmas Approaching: Give a Gift that Spies!

It’s that time of year – bells are ringing, children singing, oh what a merriful sight! But not everything may be holly jolly for you this christmas because the grinch is ruining your holiday with their sneaky deception.

Buy them a new phone for Christmas and install spysoftware on it to monitor all the texts messages, phone calls, and even where they actually travel when they go out. It doesn’t look suspicious (hey, it’s christmas) and you just bought a nice gift for them and yourself! Read our review of the top 3 mobile spy software and here’s an idea of some of the phones it will work with.

New years is approaching soon and did you know that the start of a new year is when most couples break up and change lives forever? It must be something to do with “new years resolutions” and wanting to be happy that makes one person in the relationship want to separate, but the research also showed that the spouses who left had previously had thoughts of leaving or had been unfaithfull during the previous year (85% of the time), which shows that new years is more of a catalyst to separation. This is a good reason to know more about what they are doing before the shit hits the fan.

Happy Holidays and best wishes everyone!

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