How to Hack MySpace Accounts

Myspace - a place to cheat on youMySpace is usually a goldmine for juicy information and cheating messages goin on in one’s life. I personally found my girlfriend had cheated on me by discovering a myspace message in her inbox (rather, she forgot to delete her trash) – she was arguing with a guy about how he contracted an STD.. I couldn’t believe it. I got tested and thankfully I was completely clean, but I learned a valuable lesson about trust. As you can see and probably understand, knowing the truth is very important and many others agree.. even though there are others that say it is unethical. I say when it comes to your health and happiness the most ethical thing is to take care of yourself. It is very common for them to flirt, send sexual photos, or even create entirely new myspace accounts to secretly have another relationship – I have heard it all from the people that read my blog. It’s no wonder many people want to know how to hack a myspace account..

I have been experienced with hacking and computers for over 11 years so please, don’t listen to other people that know nothing. There are only 2 ways to effectively hack a myspace:

Spy Software (aka Keyloggers)
(requires money, but easy and works everytime)

Keylogging is the best method to obtain a myspace password because not only can you capture the password, but you can get ALL of their passwords, store history, and see every piece of information entered on the computer. Keylogging refers to the monitoring of key’s pressed on a keyboard, but a good spy software has many more features such as taking periodic pictures of the computer screen and chat logging. Some spy software does not require you to have physical access to the person’s computer and can be installed over the internet – this is highly popular with soldiers stationed over seas or for hacking friends.

I have tried over 20 different spy software products and there are only a few that haven’t been pressured by “privacy groups” to alert the user that they’re being monitored.

If you live with the person you want to hack, you should check out one of the best keyloggers for PC monitoring called AceSpy. You only need a few minutes with their computer to install it, or you could install this on your own computer and capture the activities of anyone that uses it. This spy software has a ton of features from IM logging, keylogging, screenshots, and everything else you would expect from spy software, but it does it with more emphasis on MySpace monitoring and password capturing. It logs information silently without any alerts and captures every key pressed on the keyboard.

If you don’t live with your target or have access to their computer, it is still possible to hack their myspace password. The only software that works (and works amazingly well) is SniperSpy. SniperSpy is a remote spy software that installs silently on your targets computer. SniperSpy gives you a module that you can send to your target (via email or instant messenger) which when ran will begin monitoring. No physical access to the target’s computer is needed as it simply installs over the internet. SniperSpy also has some amazing special features – you can view their computer screen LIVE from anywhere at anytime via SniperSpy’s website, which means you don’t need to install anything on your computer either to view all the data it collects. You will be able to view the history of chat conversations, web sites visited, and gain access to all the online accounts they log into by searching through the keylogs. It even takes image screenshots of every internet webpage they look at, so that if they are permanently deleting their sent/received myspace messages (like paranoid cheaters), you can still read the messages that have been deleted by looking at the screenshots stored by SniperSpy! This is the program I used to catch my girlfriend, and because i’ve gotten so many questions about it I recently wrote a full review of SniperSpy in which I highly recommend it.

(free, but more difficult and technical)

Phishing is basically tricking your target into giving you their login details without them realizing – this is how almost all accounts are hacked by spammers. The most common way this is done is by setting up a “fake login page” which looks identical to the real myspace login page. The hard part is getting the person (or lots of people) to that fake login page, but many tricks and creative ideas used over the years have fooled even the savviest of computer users. Once the victim is on your fake login page and they try to login, the username and password gets emailed to you they get emailed to you and they get redirected to the real myspace login page thinking they mistyped their password. This is essentially the most effective and stealthy way of hacking a myspace account, but requires some technical skills to setup and pull off.

There have been many different ways to show the fake login page to the victim, for example: changing a MySpace layout to look like a login page, invisible “div overlays” that redirected to your fake login page when user clicked somewhere on the page, and most commonly an email can be sent that looks like it came straight from telling you to please login and update your password (or theres many other email tricks like fake friend requests). You should not consider this method if you are unfamiliar with computers and the internet, period. There is no software or product for it and you must do it yourself in most cases, and if you decide to pay someone else to do it they will charge a lot and you take a huge risk in getting scammed. If you are interested in hacking a myspace using phishing tecniques, we have put together an ebook with instructions along with a fake login page creator tool. See below>>

[stextbox id=”download”]We received legal threats to remove the download from our site, so we have had to place a fake ringtones offer in front of it that you must complete in order to view the instructions and download the phishing page creator tool. You will need to enter your cell phone number, confirm the PIN code, and the download link will be texted to you. Download here.[/stextbox]


Exploits and other hacking methods are explained in our Truth about Email Hacking/Cracking where I outline other possible methods of hacking passwords that simply can’t be done by the 99% of people. Just read this to educate yourself.

I hope this article has helped you. If you have any other ideas/suggestions, please leave them in your comments. Please don’t contact me asking to hack for you – I won’t. Please participate in the poll below so I can better help my readers.

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161 Responses to “How to Hack MySpace Accounts”

  1. Ronil Nix says:

    Hi! Could you please help me to hack a facebook account which I want?

  2. My Way says:

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    2. Go to their house
    3. Ask them for pass
    If they say no go to 4
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    5. Beat them senseless
    6. Grab their balls twist them and kick the living sh*t out of them or you give her/him the HIV you got from her/his sister/mom
    If they don’t listen go to 7
    7.R@or them
    They don’t listen go to 8
    8. R@or their mom/dad
    There u r this works every time if the cops come run away.
    This never failed me!

  3. jamal says:

    i would like to steal a yahoo account and the mail that i want to steal is making for me problems

  4. Mandy says:

    I want to hack into an account of this guy who look suspiciously like a guy I know of. I just want to know if it is him because it look like him but its blurry. I just want to take a quick look. It may seem small but it is important to me to know so that I don’t get deceived by him if he is a married men who is just playing around with my heart bc I know he won’t tell me no matter what. email me at:

  5. JAMES SMITH says:

    snarky sniffelson sounds like a total asshole in real life

  6. amber marie cichy says:

    hey well my little sister has happened to hack my myspaces,facebooks,yahoos,myyearbook. now when i am able to get back on those sites and they are not blocked i would like to get back and hack her back for hacking and changing do to my mother asking her to do so!

  7. edith says:

    happy with my babe

  8. Scarlet says:

    I want to know why he is with a 15 yr old instead of a person that gave him everything and if he really is cheated on me.

  9. Ashton says:

    I love that it’s true myspace is fore people go cheat doesn’t that suck

  10. Aime says:

    I Wanna Find Out If My Ex Boyfriend Really Cares About Me, Or He’s Still A Player Talking & Mssging All These Girls ?

  11. jaziiee says:

    i need help. i dont know if my boyfriend is playing me, my mom wants to meet him but i dont want to make the fool in my family cuz everyone saying he a player. someone help me pleaseeee.

  12. moafq says:

    i need help my i dont truest my friend she changed hes password and i know he is hiden something i hate to say it but i need to know is is true or not cuz am hurt and u dont know what to do if someone can help me pls

  13. moafq says:

    how to hack myspace passwords an easy way thak u

  14. moafq says:

    i want to hack myspace passwords

  15. genia says:

    am trying to hack my husband ex grilfriend because i want to get some dirt on her to take to court wth us were trying to get back his son and she wont let us see him i want to get as much things off of her so we can win in court and get my husband son home wth us

  16. i need help getting into my own account i forgot everything . ive been using face book for awhile thats why. and i cant remember my password. i need help getting into my OWN account. im not the type of person who would go into someone elses. i just really need help because i want to see my myspace account once more before i delete it.

  17. hector says:

    i need help my i dont truest my girlfriend she changed her password and i know she is hiden something i hate to say it but i need to know is is true or not cuz am hurt and u dont know what to do if someone can help me pls

  18. Sierra says:

    this guy i have been with for almost a year and he has cheated on me in the past and i took him back he swears he has changed and isn’t still doing it but i think he is can someone please help me

  19. mary says:

    im a lezbian and i think my girl friend is cheating on me. i want to know her my space password. I’m sure she is hiding something and i want to know what is it.. would you help me?????? please!

  20. monica says:

    my husband just had a kid with some hoe and she has a myspace account set to private. She keeps putting that she feels loved and i want to know if she has pictures of them together or other things i can use as proof of him cheating so i can divorce him and make him pay for what he has done to me and my 3 girls. Please help me.

  21. ASHLEY says:

    im 23 and married for only 11 months… i have found out my husband has been chating on me though msgs in his ph he 4got to delete… thankz for this cause i need to get to the bottom of it…. did i mention i also have a 5week old baby! some men are bastereds

  22. Erick says:

    wow it must of been tuff for you to find out that,that hoe was fucken anoter dude

  23. Autumn says:

    one of my friends got killed and he has a mysapce we are trying to get into to figure out if anyone had been threatening him or anything. wed do anything to know. :( please help:)

  24. gabby says:

    i need help getting into my bf of 2 1/2 years MySpace account he changed the password on me on that and Facebook

  25. Just me says:

    I know this isnt hacking..but it does help somewhat..If u share the computer with ur spouse or bf/gf..
    I installed googlechrome..and u can sign in and keep all history/files even if the web history/cookies/files have been deleted..It will keep each website/myspace page pretty much everything that has been viewed..make ur own account on the comp u wanna watch..dont give them the partner hasnt been smart enough to turn it off yet, before viewing naughy or doing ne thing on here without me knowing..haha..I know its not the same as actually getting to look in their msg’s or whatever..but its pretty well close..My partner wouldnt have a myspace if i didnt have the password!!!!! does that make me mean? maybe a lil jealous?..ahh gotta be that way now days

  26. sophia says:

    i need to hack my boyfriends myspace cus i suspect that he’s cheating on me. someone please help me out? i know his e-mail, i jus need help w/ the password

  27. jr says:

    i want my gf myspace account hack if neone can helo me please email .. i dont owen a computer

  28. maybeline says:

    all i want to know how to hack on to ma ex paqe.. smebody please helt me out hmu xoxo

  29. Melanie says:

    Hi, my name is Mel and I have a problem with my boyfriend and his myspace. When I first confronted him about how uncomfortable I was about him having it he gave me his password. I checked it once and found messeges from his ex girlfriend and when I asked him about it he got mad at me and said I didn’t trust him. After that he changed his password and when I found out his password he changed it again. I just want to know what’s going on between him n his ex girlfriend if there is anything to worry about.. Please I need help.

  30. aj says:

    maria im in the same boat i gave my gf my myspace stuff but she woant let me on hers she keep telling me no but im working on geting some money and buying my frieands hack to get the myspace password so ill contact you if i get it hope you find the truth out

  31. THATGIRL says:

    Hey umm . i have a boyfriend of a year and some , i found out he was getting this girl phone number after i told him not too . he promises me that he’s not cheating but he’s promised before . After i confronted him about the situation , he changed his password and told me i’ll never get it again because i don’t trust him . I still think he’s talking to other girls and cheating on me but i have no proof, I tried to log into his account multiple times but of course it didn’t work .. . i jus wanna know the truth . i need help .

  32. Jeremiah Larson says:

    Hi, my name is Jeremiah Larson and I recently found out that my wife of 5 years went up north and cheated on me. I have a feeling like she is scared to tell me everything and I can tell by the look in her eye that she is leaving something out. Its the same look she had when I finally dragged the information out of her about cheating on me. I love her, and want to trust her, but have a hard time doing so. I want to monitor her and make sure everything checks out. I believe that the only way you can build trust after a situation like this is to have the other party involved tell you what they think and answer your question, and secretly check up on then to see if they are telling the truth. It hurts to have someone whom you trusted with your life just turn around and slap you in the face and kick you when your down. I believe her some what now and want to work things out for her and I and our three children. So please if you or anyone could help me, please just let me know. Thanks.

  33. maria says:

    heres my email please contact me i really believe my boyfriend is cheatin on me

  34. maria says:

    well my name is maria and im 16 i have a boyfriend and we have been together for two monts now and he keeps sayin he loves me but i really think hes cheatin on me cuz i asked him for his myspace password and he said no just buzz off but i gave him mine i really do think hes hidin something from me he never wants to be seen with me when he goes to public places please help me hack his myspace

  35. iolis says:

    hey well i got a myspace but is been a long while since i last loged in since 07 well the point is da i needed to get it back since ma ex girlfriend stoled it and put another password and i really would love to delete or at least get it and change wat she wrote and did please i need ur help i dont mind if u do it for me i give a total access please help

  36. blah says:

    if you made a myspace with your email and your bf or gf changed the password
    just go to myspace and put forgot password then it should show you this other thing and it should send you an email and password to your email account yahoo google or whatever you have

  37. Jake says:

    Hi, i’m in a temporary long distance relationship with my girlfriend and have a slight amount of evidence that she may be cheating, but I do not know for sure. I need to get onto her myspace to check her mail out. She told me her old myspace password but changed it right after talking to a select few guys. You understand my concern im sure… I’ve been looking into hacking for months now but I just can’t seem to get into her account to save my life! I do have her hotmail login info though, so I can see every time she gets messages from these guys but theres no way for me to be able to tell what they say. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I REALLY need your help with this.. my email is so if you’re able to help me, please email me there. I can give you all the info I know. Thanks, and I really hope to hear from you soon!

  38. Michelle says:

    Does anyone know how to get the password AND email of a MySpace? I found a few of my old MySpace accounts, but I can’t remember the emails to either of them.. and I really want to delete them or at least log in and delete all of my pictures and change the name, so those profiles don’t come up when you’re searching for my name.
    If you know how, email me at

  39. angie says:

    myEx-bf has my password and i really want it back !! pleasee helpp

  40. jaylen says:

    hack his ass to sleep

  41. jasy says:

    My boyfriend changed ma password n now I can’t login to myspace what do I do ?

  42. sahir says:

    hey i need to know my wife myspace account,plz help me

  43. Samantha Coonsly says:

    hey i was wondering if i give you my boyfriends account can you find his password for me. I think that hes been cheating on me for the longest time and now i want to know the truth. My email is,
    I really need you to email me back and I will send you his email, this is extremely important I heard that he is gonna propose and I need to find the truth about him, So please email me thank you.

  44. e says:

    i think myspace is complete bull to much drama and yeah thats why me and my lady delete our acconts

  45. star says:

    My boyfriend changed ma password n now I can’t login to myspace what do I do

  46. barbiemay says:

    i want 2 check my bf account

  47. Alejandra says:

    someone is going into my myspace account and i want to see a way so the person can not go on it!!
    plz someone help me!!!

  48. stfu says:

    everyone shut the fuck up…. he doesnt have time for all your shit learn how to do it yourself

  49. bajan says:

    What the fuck! every one want the dude to hack who and what ever pass code.. Money talks so stop asking for free shit… If you want shit that bade pay the man… nothing is thats wahat up and free too!

  50. Suzanna Chong says:

    I seriously need help getting my bfs password.Ive been through so much pain and he hasnt and i always see him on myspace IM and getting all these girl friends from different states! He is always on myspace IM when he says he is busy and he lets these other girls call him babe and say that they love him! and for somereason his status is always single i asked em to change it but he never does.I just need his password to determine whether to move on or not…..but we love eachother so much and i cant imagine life with out him.

  51. Azmodius says:

    Yeah… I caught my girlfriend cheating using myspace. She was acting wierd one night and wasn’t where she claimed she was. I used her personal info to get her mail password and then had her Myspace pw sent to her mail account.

    What I found was oddly that a myspace for a guy was attached to her email account, and in “his” mail box was a bunch of forwarded mail from her main account. In order to to avoid the mail showing up on her main account when she logged in when I was around, she had forwarded it to this fake person (I later found out to be one of many) that she had created to cyberbully her friends into doing what she wanted and also used it to catch them talking bad about her behind her back.

    In the mail was an argument with some random immature ahole from a club that she had hooked up with. She was arguing with him about why they couldn’t be friends at least. His response was “We had sex so what you want a cookie? There was suspicious stuff about another guy in there too.

    Even when I told her what I found, she denied ever cheating on me and said I must be reading something about someone else etc. I found myself doubting what was right in front of me because of how hard she denied it, until I read her the email word for word and she got quiet.

    Bottom line, if you have nothing to hide, then privacy is not an issue. For someone that doesn’t really know you, and who might use your personal info against you without considering your side of the story, I respect the need for privacy.

    If I am in a relationship with someone I have a right to know if they are somehow deceiving me and preventing me from effectively planning how I want to live my life based on the best information.

  52. Levi says:

    Hearther i agree with you but i dont want it to be over with mine gf but i also dont wana be cheated on behide mine back i have lead to believe mine gf is cheating on me and ahhh i need to hack her myspace so im looking for a real easy software or spyware i can use for this i would like someone to do it for me but i would also like to do it more mine self so i can learn it but i need help to get there first

  53. Katie says:

    My ex Always told me i was cheating on him and i gave him my myspace account but he wouldnt give me his i do not know wathis full e-mail is al i kno is its Vancityboy1 and idk wat site he has it thruughh

  54. UK Brat says:

    I agree with all the others that have said this. Read the page and do it yourself he guides you through it all! Its not a message board to display all your problems. I just found this site an houra go and I followed everything he said and success!

  55. COLTRANE says:

    I suspect my girlfriend is cheating on me .. and yesterday i got the shock of my life she admited that she did in fact cheat on me and that she’s pregnant with another mans baby i want her password to her myspace. . .

  56. Shanell says:

    I am 6 months pregnant just got married and i suspect that my husband is cheating on me.I really need to get his password but every time i ask him for it he says stuff about trust issues but trust can only go so far so please just help me

  57. Amaris says:

    yes i’ve been seeing this guy for 2yrs now and i suspect that he may be cheating on myspace i want to find away to get into his myspace

  58. B says:

    i need to get the email and password to my bf of 2years i think something is going on n need to no please help will mean alot

  59. Nate says:

    Hey, reading through, I kind of agree with half the guys here when they say go figure out how to do it yourself, you’ll feel better about it, you’ll have gained a new skill and possibly averted a more difficult situation down the track.

    Besides, how many of you actually do want to hack into a spouses account for ear of cheating? likely story, I bet half are just revenge tactics lol.

    Anyway, I just started learning about this stuff trying to teach myself. I had a friend guiding me through it but he’s too busy to help me now. So I was wondering if there is anyone out there that mioht be willing to help a newbie to the hacker world of SQL INjections, Brute force, backdooring, key logging etc… with learning this stuff, please contact me, could use all the help I can get.

  60. chris says:

    i need help getting in to my girl myspace because im in the air force and think she is cheating

  61. I desperatly need your help says:

    Hi my name is Karina and i know you probably get comments like this all the time, but i’m desperate. I’m 13 weeks pregnant and i believe my fiance cheated on me. It’s been so hard the only thing i want is the truth, i’m not good with computers and i know that by hacking into either his or her (the girl he cheated on me with ) accounts will prove to me if it happened or not. I just want to know the truth not just for me but for the baby i’m expecting with this guy. Please PLEASE please email me if theres anyway you can help me.

  62. DM says:

    My son is with a girl who said her daughter is my sons. Yet I have seen her with other guy. and have heard many different rummers about her but now my son want to marry her and i feel he will be doing a huge mistake cuz i have heard her baby is not my sons. Please help me hack her myspace

  63. CoB says:

    Damn you people are retarded (Excluding those of you who get the point of this article).

    Instead of skipping the entirety of the article, or atleast the important parts, you could read all of it and do the shit yourself.

    That is the whole point of the article… To do it your self…

    So do it your damn self!

    You don’t have to be a genius to download a program, install it and simply let the program do all of the damn work.

    Stop expecting the writer to spoon feed you like an infant.

    If you are lazy and/or unwilling to do it yourself, simply don’t.



  64. Jenny says:

    I need to find out my BoyFriend’s Password to His Myspace Account. .

  65. Vandella says:

    i want to know if my boyfriend’s cheating or not so i can start back actually sleeping at night without wondering what hes’ doing

  66. sandra says:

    I don’t know if anyone can help me but i really hope you can, i need to get into my husbands myspace account , we’ve been married for 3 years and have 2 kids expecting a third but, he’s cheated in the past nad now i’m having doubts again, all i need is to see for my self to know whether to stay or leave…….

  67. vexx wolf says:

    oh thank you so much…you helped me find out if my girlfriend was cheatin and she was

  68. styles says:

    I think my business partner is selling my beats to another producer over seas.

  69. that guy says:

    hey man thanks alot ur website helped me cheers mate

  70. admin says:

    SniperSpy is one of the very few spy software’s that does not notify or alert that the computer is being monitored. It’s completely silent and undetectable which is why I recommend it for catching spouses.

  71. Rob says:

    Just a question about the SniperSpy, does it notify the person’s being monitored that the pc is being monitored?

  72. weirdo says:

    Me again. I just figured something out, it’s been staring me in the face for a while! If you search the person on it will direct you to their myspace’s main page, even if it is private! You won’t be able to navigate to other parts of the myspace, but hopefully something you need is in their blog, blurbs, about, and so forth. I feel so helpful :).

  73. Nadia says:

    I need some help, I married only few months ago to strongly suspect my husband is having an affair with the secretary…. I am totally depressed. I would appreciate some help, I will give you details when you get back to me. They both have myspace private accounts!!

  74. Mohamed says:

    After i read most comments on here, i made up my mind to give a hand to those people who embed the burden of the hurt their partners give them through their silly actions.

    I can help anyone as much as I can. I mean i can only help fighting cheating, I’m not here to break into people’s privacies !
    Give me an add or send me a message on my page !

    Cheers !

  75. Cindy says:

    You people drive me nuts! You see he says don’t come here asking for someone to do it for you, do it your friggen self but first for you ding dongs looking for a cheater, if you have to go that far…he’s cheating! DUH!

    I used the keylogger on my boyfriends computer, he was comming pretty close to cheating. Needless to say he’s scared to touch a computer now that he knows what I can do lmaoooo and as soon as this lease is up i’m outta here and he can rot in hell. For now i’m working on myspace password cracking just because I love doing this crap haha

    Be good, be safe and be with someone you can trust ;)

  76. Christal says:

    Hi I am having problems with my bf and it feels like he is cheating on me and he is always on the computer. please if you can help me get his password and find out what is up with him. It would help me move on. thanks alot!! Please email me back thanks!!

  77. Jessica says:

    I need to get pictures off my ex husbands page i think he is using drugs in front of are children

  78. Carly says:

    this article was created to aid YOU in getting passwords, and monitoring computer conversations and what not.
    Simply download SniperSpy. After you download it, you will be able to see every single thing that everyone types and does on your computer. Its great for monitoring spouses, friends, and children and gettting emails & passwords.
    If you want to get SOMEONE ELSE’S passwords and view their conversations, there is instructions that come with SniperSpy that tell you how to get it silently installed on other peoples computer. It’s simple and easy. Once you follow the instructions and get your SniperSpy on your friends, spouses, and childrens computer, you will be able to see everything they type (including passwords and emails) and everything they do.

  79. james jones says:

    need to know what my son and my girl is doing

  80. Chris says:

    hi. the acespy, im just wondering how does it work?
    i have access to the computer but do i put it in their computer and i can get the images on my computer or do i need to check it on theirs also? i really need this because im being suspicious with my bf and were almost getting married.

    please comment back or email me ASAP

  81. Jon says:

    I’m trying to find a place in british columbia, canada to buy sniper spy. I do not have a credit card so i can’t buy it online. Do you know of a place here? Any help would be appreciated.

  82. Travis says:

    I’m in need of help. I feel like everything is slipping away. the girl I was suppose to marry is now saying we aren’t working. and I’m sure there’s another guy. I need to know. can you help me?

  83. Jeff says:

    I believe I’m pretty been being lead around for the past 4 months. It’s tiring. And I’m almost positive she is having relations with some one, who is also on her MySpace. So if I could get the password to her MySpace in some way, I know I would probably find out easily, since they seem to ‘flirt’ so much in there comments. I’ve never done something like this before and I’m afraid to download anything in fear of viruses and/or scammers. I just want to know if I should move on, so any help getting her password would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  84. Matt Reyes says:

    Hey bro, I’ve been having problems with my lover and I need her password to find out the truth. Please e-mail me to let me know if you can help me find the truth

  85. kimberly says:

    hello. my names kimberly.. i have been looking for a website like this for a long time, good thing i came arcoss this one. i have a very long and painful story [just dont want to give all the details here] i need to kow “his” password :[ .if you want to know the story email me. im crushed


    i hope you get back at me :[

  86. elou says:

    i beleive my friend is trying to get with my girlfriend i need to know..if possible please help

  87. bob says:

    is there a way to pull deleted messages from their computer?

  88. Anonymous says:

    Good thing I found this site. Look, I need some help with hacking someone.

    I ain’t going to tell the full story out to the open because I don’t know who’s going to read this site.

    So, you already know the e-mail. Please contact me and I’ll tell you the full story there.

  89. rebecca says:

    please help me with my new husbands myspace password.The past mounth or so he has been on this pc all day and every time i walk in to the room he’s on myspace and clicks off that.I need his password so i’m not just a pay check he just left for iraq for a year i just don’t want to be used see we’ve only been to gether 6 mounths.PLAESE HELP

  90. Sean says:

    hey please help me out wit getting my girlfriends myspace password
    she is out of state right now and i think she went to go meet a guy
    and shes carrieng my child and im wanting to propose to her when she gets back and im wanting to know if i should or
    I WOULD BE MOST GREATFUL hey name is Jessica Cullen

  91. Jason says:

    I know my girlfriend is cheating on me I just don’t have proof. Im planning on proposing to her within the next few weeks but I would like to see what I’m up against first.

    Do you think you can help me?

    If so you can contact me at


  92. branyan says:

    Hi.Im getting married next month and I feel like my fiance is cheating on me on myspace. shes hiding so many things. Please help me

  93. Mina says:

    I need help to see if this guy is playing me I would buy the spy thing but I have no money. Please help me out.
    plz help me to read his email … me on plz help me if u can i am nice girl and i think i am getting played

  94. susan says:

    please help my husband might be cheating on me with my brother! i need to know his password!

  95. WoW says:

    Most of you people are either RETARDED or LAZY….
    stop advertising your problems (this is an article giving you resources for hacking, not an open forum to vent your issues) and stop advertising email addresses!!! You guys are CRAZY, do you not realize that a simple google search of an email address can bring someone to this very thread???
    WoW, get some help people and for goodness sake, buy the damn keylogger and get the password yourselves!!

  96. Alex says:

    I need help before I marry someone who cheted on me, and ruin my life for good, I need help if someone can help me get a password from a myspace account so I can check it to see if this person is been talking to my fianze behind my back which I’m sure it has the only way I can repay you, i will give you a free world of warcraft account I need help, to look inside someone’s personal myspace account, and I will give you a free WOW account for eternal use basicly. thanks life sucks, and it has to be this way.


  97. Constance says:

    i am being harassed on myspace and i need to know if it is the same two people who keep doing it. please help!

  98. Kyle says:

    oh god lol.. this explains how to hack… the title doesn’t say to send the author your problem… figure it out on your own!!!

  99. paulina vega says:

    I am suspecting Fun Wall in facebook to be the carrier af a fisshing log in page. I cancelled my facebook acount and reopened to later change my password. Would I still be spyed?

  100. taneisha says:

    i need to know my bofriends myspace password please!!!!!!!!

  101. taneisha says:

    please help me find out my boyfriends myspace password

  102. Olivia says:

    I forgot my password of my old myspace account.
    I had to create a new one.
    I have tried the “forgot my password” on the old account but I had it with hotmail account.. somehow.. my hotmail never NEVER recieves the email with my lost password.. I would like to know if there is a way to recover my old password and delete my old account.. I don’t like to have accounts with all friends and past things that everybody can check.. :S
    please help !

  103. buddy says:

    i need to get my fiances myspace password shes in the military i think she might be cheating

    please email me her password

  104. alyssa. says:

    i really want to know how to hackk my bboyfriends
    please help.
    what do i have to do?

  105. Dave says:

    I have a fiance and im suspecting her of cheating…please can you help me get her myspace password….please..


  106. shaun says:

    i need to know how to hack myspace please

  107. Mia says:

    i think my fiance cheating on me he always making exscuses and i need his myspace password

  108. Lisa Franke says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Myspace User:

    send my 12 years old doughter very bad fotos of him and
    what he´s ding with small babys !!! i contact myspace and the
    police, but till now nothing happens !!!
    How can i delete his myspace account ?
    i was crying during watching the pics….
    he´s psycho !!! how can a man have fun by touching
    small babys at the “wrong” places….


    I can´t sleep since i saw those things !



  109. Gail says:

    I need help to see if my Fiance is cheating on me. We live over 2000 miles away from each other right now but its because he is in the military. I would buy the spy thing but I have no money. Please help me out.
    I only need his myspace password

  110. Laughing Gnome says:

    God, some people are so *lame*!! The author of this article explains how to hack myspace accounts… okay, he doesn’t actually offer out keyloggers or give a tutorial on phishing, but he provides links, and the names of products that even a little child could type into google… yet nearly all the comments are people saying “Pleez hak my boyfiend’s/girlfriend’s/wife’s/cousin’s myspace!!” Did any of you lamers actually *read* what the author wrote?? Have any of you actually *tried* to perform a phishing attack or install a keylogger?? Nahh, of course you didn’t!! You want someone else to do it for you… But you’re so dumb you can’t see the all-important point: hacking someone’s myspace or email is *illegal* – you’re asking a complete stranger to commit a crime for you – and I can tell you right now, there’s no way I would do it for you! What happens if I did the hack for you, then the police got involved and came round to arrest you? I know for a fact you’d whine: “It wasn’t me who did it, officer, it was the Laughing Gnome”, you’d tell them my email address and whatever else you knew about me, and I would go to jail. You really think I’m gonna risk jail to help a complete stranger to spy on someone else I don’t know?? You think I’m gonna put myself in danger to help some lamer who can’t be bothered to help themself?? You’re all crazy!! Get off your fat asses and try to do the hack yourselves!! Pond life!!

  111. Justin says:

    My email and myspace account were both hacked a week ago and both passwords were changed. They were using myspace sending messages pretending to be and I have no way to stop it and I have some information that is really important on both of them for work that is almost impossible to get back. Ill pay if someone can at least get one of my accounts back. Thanks

  112. JO-JO says:

    Heather // Apr 27, 2008 at 4:21 am

    Snooping around like that is lowly and despicable. If you have doubts, then the relationship probably just shouldn’t be.

    Sounds like Heather was a snipers victim. Anyway, Before the dog strays he/she should tell the other in the relationship then they can be the dog they want to be.

  113. Rhaina says:

    My ex bf has been getting into my yahoo, aol, and myspace accounts and has set them so I can no longer access my own pages. I have contacted yahoo and aol security, but b/c he changed my challenge questions and pretty much everything else I can’t verify the accounts. How do I or what do I do to get my accounts back. He’s been using the email accounts to get my banking info. I’m working on legal actions to force him to stop, but until I get my emails back the bank wont verify the account changes and so each time I set it to go to a new email account they inform my old and new address which gives him the name of my new account. He has also gotten my cell phone turned off via hacking my online profile at sprint. Even with the phone they’re being jerks about fixing my account. Help!!!! Please.

  114. rache' says:

    i need to find out where my husband is living…the only way i know how to get ahold of him is through a myspace account of a girl he is seeing. i cannot send her a message because i am not her myspace friend and she will not add me….he has not paid child support for my 15mos old son once…and has not filed for divorce…she is my only link. can anyone help me to find out if she is in contact with him. i need to find out what he is doing so i can get help with my son.

  115. sec says:

    SSDD (same shit different day) 4 me. no access to x computer but wish to c her account to clear head that i made right decision for her to b my x. she has ben on my pc to site and also on my palm phone on site. i only know her address she uses 4 one of her account’s.

  116. Softest wettest puss*y says:

    Dear SNarky Sniffleson

    i want your Major League “Bat” pounding my puss*y,
    whats ur msn? lets hook up get married f***k in the shower…. I think your attitude is sexy your funny…

    Ciao mwaaaaaa

  117. Jay says:

    how u doin i heard u was the best in hacking myspace accounts, I need your help,I know my girl talkin to guys and cheatin on me i need to find out so i can sleep at night…

  118. Shanay says:

    Can you please help me hack into my fiance’s profile. We are engaged and I just really wants to know if he’s cheating on me. Can you just please email me and help me. Im desperate to know. Everything has changed since we got engaged and I have the feeling that he is. I won’t change anything around, I just want to know because I got alot of rumors and Im starting to believe their true.

  119. sara says:

    Can anyone tell me how i can access my husband’s myspace profile, it’s set to private? I think he’s cheating on me.. plz let me know..

  120. kate says:

    im pregnant with my boyfriends baby but ive got this feeling he might be cheating on me with his ex..

    can someone PLEASE help me hack into his ex’s page to read her inbox? this is soo important to me

  121. The Guy says:

    I’m pretty sure that my girlfriend isnt cheating on me, but I just want to be 100%sure. Please, any help that somebody could give me, I would greatly appreciate it. I don’t have a whole lot of money, so that might be an issue. Please contact me at if you can help me at all. thank you all very much.

  122. admin says:

    Here’s some great spy software for Mac, but you can only access the logged information from the Mac itself. Wasn’t able to find anything like SniperSpy for Mac.

  123. jen says:

    Hey, do you know of spyware that would work from am iMac to a Windows computer? They all seem to be just for Win. Thanks.

    And damon, I totally agree. Why are those peeps even on here??

  124. damon says:

    yo man this site is only trying to help so for the peeps at da top complainin that it is lowly if you dont like it get off the damn site

  125. Agent 12345678900987654321123456789098765432112345678908765432123456789098676543212345675970789453141144531254 says:

    My step mother was having an affair with some guy on myspace, but now they got married and she has a new profile, with pictures, ect. He also got her pregnant. I need to be able to hack her accunt or something cause I can’t get her to add me as a fake account. Please help!!

  126. Ava says:

    To cut to the point……… a long distance relationship Enough said right? (as in: he’s in another country!!) Its not like we’ve never met, we dated for a long time before he went off to college overseas. Desperately need to see his yahoo mail and facebook account. I just cant let myself stay devoted to someone and waste my 22 year old LIFE on someone who may not being faithful?? So, to ease my mind…I need help :) thanks!

  127. admin says:

    If the messages are being deleted, you must use the spy software mentioned in the article and take a look at the screenshots and key logs. There is no way to recover deleted myspace messages.

  128. Eric says:

    can someone help me hack this guys myspace. i think my gf is cheating on me but im not sure. on her email she has notices saying new message from this guy but she erases the messages on myspace before i can see wat they say. i want to see if there still saved on his myspace.

    get back to me at

  129. Girl Me says:

    i am in need of some help with hacking into some myspace accounts mainly my ex husbands and the two people that he talks with and used to be my friends of course i would love to hack into the stupid peoples accounts that try to act bad on myspace and go off on you for stupid shit that make me laugh my ass off but oh well. if anyone can hack into account i would so love to have them help me please email me at

  130. mike says:

    my friend ran away from home last week and no one has heard from her. shes been getting on myspace, so we think if we could get on her page, it would help us figure out where she is at. is there anyway you could help?


  131. Mr.lonley..long story..desperate for help says:

    *** im bored and got shit on my mind so if u wanna read it all be your own guest..if not scroll down to the other 3 *** and theres the whole point…

    hey wzup ..heres my gripe rite…i was fallin for this girl..and i still feel like i lover her…and man i almost had her then 1 day she all of a sudden .stopped talkin to me .i been chasin her over a yeah it fukked me hurt my heart cuz i really liked she stopps talkin to me wont answer none of my calls,she reads my messages reply..recently i been tryin to move on so i flirt with a few other girls on my space.real small flirtin ya know…cuz im fukkin stukk on her and she knows it…GOD knows iv done all i can to keep her off my mind but i cant…well i was clearin out my inbox the otherday lookin at some her messeges she wrote me…and i noticed one of her words was blue and a i went back like 2 letters and yuppers there 2 i say hmmm about my sent messages to her…i be dam theres an embedded link ..heres the killer part…it only shows up in her messages none other of my freinds messages..yes i know its her…oh yeah and she’s a webmaster /small times but she just locked me out of my e-mail is there but when i put in my password it acts like it gonna log in then i get redirected back to the homepage..oh i went to the message and hit view source and found it…its 1 of those msplink or what thafukk ever..point blank this is what i need…somebody who can do 2 things …help me get that shit off my computer so i can have my punk ass privacy back ,and i want to know a lil bit more bout how i can get into her site just to peep at a few messages..i know who tha fukkin dood is but ,,whats fightin gonna do anymore,i just wanna peep at a few messages..she wont tell me that she talkin to that fagget but i know it…but she wont tell me and i keep waitin a lifetime and hurtin myself…..i been up for 2 days str8,tryin to figure out how to,i want get in her in boxxx 1 or 2 more,but ne-way my body is worn out ,and i can bareley look at the door without thinkin i saw somethin else too im catchin lil hualaugen(halu-ci-nate)
    out the side of my body cant take nomore …i need to get some sleep but im not till i find away to get what i somebody help me..i just wanna see for my own eyes that she talkin to somebody else so i can stop tryin and get over her already way im on and @… ..IM or email i wanna ask questions about what i need to do..etc give me a holla ASAP plz….

  132. randoe says:

    so yeah i have been with my girlfriend for 3 years we have a 6 month old little girl and i need you help i thank shes cheating on me but cant prove it so if u can help me get her my space password it would be grate so thanks and hope 2 hear from u soon

  133. Apersonpissedattheirsister says:

    Actually i’m planning on doing something like this for my tyrant of a little sister.

    She completely bugs me, as she is reaching that “age” and she’s acting like a complete jerk to everyone. =/ She recently started getting onto my other sister’s account, then accused ME of getting into her bussiness of getting onto her sister’s account to read messages that didn’t belong to her. Hypocrites i say…

    So in reality.. i was going to mess with her hehe

    These won’t work for me though… i’m going to use another program cause i have direct access.

    Hopefully she’ll stop acting like a B*TCH and leave my other sisters alone

  134. Pissed off guy. says:

    I just got straight up used for sex! Then she goes until she wants more. I pointed it out to her that she needs to spend some “regular” time with me if she wants to keep having sex and now she doesn’t answer her phone or emails or door anymore. I want to hack her myspace and make it say lesbian, swinger, and do up her profile all lesbian like. She won’t know, she almost never changes her profile. But, weak me, who is psychologically incapable of doing anything WRONG, DAMNED ME, most likely won’t do it. I just wish I could switch off my emotions. I feel like crap!

    I must say one thing… to the women (and men) who say that the other sex are pigs. Women and men are the SAME. They both have their good and bad.

  135. DJ says:

    i caught my fiance’ basically having another relationship with this asshole. i would like any help getting onto his or her myspace. or atleast unblocking it. she lives in a different state at the moment so i DO NOT have access to her computer. i dont have alot of cash but if it isnt costly ill try to find a way. ANY help is appreciated. i want to figure out if its happenin again before i marry her. please help.

  136. dino says:

    i need to be confident my girl is good.
    lately she has seemed awkward…i need to see her myspace before we get married or ill always be trippin on it.
    please help. cost is not an issue

  137. Kari says:

    We have this crazy girl that is stalking my best friend and I. She somehow gets on my account and steals pictures and post them on her page. My page is blocked. How the heck is she doing this?

  138. franklin says:

    i have a feelong my g/f loves another guy….cus her comments to him sound as if she was going out with him not me some1 please help me i need to find out the truth in her messages

  139. big dog says:

    i forgot my myspace password. i cant remember for the life of me what it is. i tried to just reset it, but that doesnt work. i guess i need someone to hack my myspace for me and tell me what my password is. can anyone do that?

  140. zuly says:

    i really need help i need to hack this girls myspace i think that my boyfriend is cheating on me with her do u think u can help me????

  141. Lex says:

    I seriously wish that there was an even easier way, but I don’t agree with ANYONE who says this is wrong. It’s only wrong if you MAKE it wrong. So you shut your friggin’ traps and let the guy do his stuff.

  142. darrell says:

    someone please help me to hack my wifes myspace because I think that she’s cheating. Thanks.

  143. Mia says:

    Hey, I’m having a major issue. My boyfriend died in december and I was trying to keep up with it, but the account locked or something and Now i can’t get on anymore. His old password doesn’t work and I don’t know what to do. I really want to keep up with it (so people can put in thier last comments to Chris) but I can’t access it. If anyone has any clues, I would really appreciate it.

    if you have any ideas, feel free to email me.

  144. warrior says:

    If you guys are on the same computer as the other guy and are using firefox, you can go to tools>options>security>show passwords
    That only works if she/he chose to save the password when firefox asked to save the password

  145. Jane says:

    it costs money though. as impossible as it sounds, i need something free but works like a charm.

    i am in a similar situation.

  146. Mac says:

    ^^^ thats suuuux…. you inna tight spot lol….

    but this i low down dirty no good and just messed up… I CANT WAIT TO TRY IT LOLOL

  147. eduardo says:

    i need help right away
    my friend got on his myspace in my house and he
    forgot to logout. i was messeging his girlfriend who is cheating on him w/ me on his account. I forgot to delete the messages so they are still there. He doesnt have a computer so i have time. i know its messed up and imma break up with her already but i dont want him to know. E-mail me at

  148. […] Here are some ways you can spy on their online habits and hack myspace: […]

  149. » Hack Myspace to Catch Someone Cheating says:

    […] are some ways you can hack myspace, but it’s never easy as walking to the […]

  150. SNarky Sniffleson says:

    I don’t ever have to worry about one of my girls cheating on me. I have a Monster sized Cock, and it is true that size really, really, really does matter – especially when it’s really thick like mine. I could tell you exactly how thick and long, but you would just accuse me of lying. If a girl ever says she doesn’t really care how big it is, that is because yours is small, and she doesn’t want you to know that she longs to have someone like myself pound the %$#@ out of her p#$$y in a way that she will never forget. Once they get rammed by someone who is hung like me (I sincerely doubt there are very many out there that are swinging a Major League “Bat” like mine) every guy afterwards just seems like a second grader is trying to f*#k them. You might even hear them giggle if you really listen and pay attention. Of course, they will never tell you that, unless you made them very angry and they want to get back at you. Fact: If she tells you size doesn’t matter, she is LYING just to spare your and your very little guys feelings. I don’t even have to go looking for women, they come looking for me once their friend has told them how freakin’ huge my Man is and how I just gave them the f#*k of their life. It’s like free advertising on a BIG Billboard.

  151. Men more likely to cheat on a relationship? says:

    […] googling and found that there apparently are a few ways to do that. It seems using certain tools, hacking myspace and other social networking accounts is possible. This site provides a detailed article on […]

  152. […] There have been many different ways to get the phishing page to the person such as changing a MySpace layout to look like a login page, invisible div overlays (invisible squares that cover a page and go to the fake login page when clicked), and by sending a spoofed email (an email that looks like it came from MySpace). To “phish”, it takes a bit of chance and also skill with computers, so at this point you’re probably wondering how you can do this yourself. Since phishing is illegal (in most countries), there is no software or product that you can buy and be backed by support. We HIGHLY advise avoiding “hacking services” also, but they do exist. Almost anyone that offers to hack for money is going to take your money or even worse, tell on you. This is why you must absolutely DO IT YOURSELF. If you are interested in doing it this way, access the phishing instructions page here (you may be required to install Zango to access this page for free, which is completely safe). You may find the latest information about this at Hacking MySpace Password. […]

  153. shellee says:

    I have a good friend who just got out of a really abusive relationship and this new guy is being completly perfect except I have another friend who has been in a relationship with this new guy and she tells me aweful things about how he cheats and scams women. This is incredibly upsetting to me and I really want to prove to her that he is not who he says he is. I really need for someoneto help me on this and get into his account for myspace.

    If anyone can help please contact me at:

  154. Someone on need of assistance! says:

    Can someone please assist me with a myspace issue, my good friend that ive know since highschool has recently had a baby girl with her new boyfriend, not to sound nosey but i had a law friend do a police background check on this guy, in came up he has been in court for civil disputes about cheating and about child care, if someone would gladly assist me by getting his account information so i may view his messages and page for the proof i need. I would hate to see her get married to this asshole and have him ruin her emotionally down the road, he has two additional kids both seperate mothers, bills are piling up and shes falling into a debt, i feel he is going to push it all onto her then walk away.

    contact me by email at, if you got a messenger and want to use it send me the type and name on it by email and ill comtact you, thanks to anyone ahead of time

  155. Jenna says:

    What is dispicable is cheating on your spouse. My sister cheated on her husband for four of the nine years they were married all via the internet. Then one day she just up an moved to the state where her boyfriend lived while her husband was in Afganistan. She took their kids and didn’t even tell him she was leaving him. That kind of behavoir is lowly and dispicable. What’s more, sometimes people do things like testing the waters of infidelity over the internet because it seems harmless, it never is. My boyfriend, now husband, tried it once and I caught him red handed. I wasn’t snooping he had left traces of his activities on the pc we shared and that’s how I found out. I had not idea what he had been doing. But I confronted him and we worked it out. Sometimes people want to get caught. My advice is to find out if they are commuicating only over the internet. If they have met anyone in person then the relationship should probably end. However if it’s just internet bullcrap then at least talk to them about it, then decide what is right.

  156. mily says:

    help me figure out how to hack my myspace back to me

  157. admin says:


    Sometimes doubts aren’t enough to break up a marriage, so you can either try “lowly and despicable” methods like this, or let a “lowly and despicable” cheater have his way because of ignorance.

  158. Heather says:

    Snooping around like that is lowly and despicable. If you have doubts, then the relationship probably just shouldn’t be.

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