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7 Legitimate Reasons to Spy on your Spouse

With this blog containing articles on how to hack facebook or myspace, I get a lot of mixed feedback from readers. A few people say “if you don’t trust your partner, don’t be with them” or that invading the privacy of anyone is immoral and low. The thing these people don’t understand is that it’s different when someone accepts a committed relationship with you. You have every right know who they are talking to or what they are doing if you’re in a committed relationship with that person.

If you’re thinking about spying on your spouse you have probably already detected some signs that your spouse may be cheating. Forget morals. Do the ends justify the means? Spying on your spouse can be the right choice for many reasons, and here are 7:

1. The desire to know the truth: Probably for some time you have sensed something is different or questioned the change of behavior in your partner. Perhaps you confronted your cheating husband or cheating wife and it was met with denial. This created a huge dilemma for you because a part of you was screaming, Hey, this doesn’t fit! I don’t believe it! To deny this part of you, which KNOWS the truth, creates a tremendous internal turmoil. [Read more →]

Top 3 Android Phone Apps for Spying on Text Messages and Call History

I’ve had my new HTC Hero for about a month and I absolutely love android, and in the next few years almost everyone’s cell phone will be a “smartphone” – and android is set to take the lead over the iPhone with the number of android devices coming this year. With the app market transforming our phones into little computers, spy software has gotten more powerful, easier to install, and cheaper. And unlike the Windows Mobile and palm smartphones of previous years, todays smartphones are actually cool and fashionable for the average person. It has never been easier to pick up a Nexus One or Motorola Droid for your partner as a gift and turn it into a stealthy spy phone in just a few minutes.

I searched for all spying apps I could find that met 3 important requirements: hidden from both the app list and task managers, able to access the spy data online, and records at least text messages and phone call history.

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Christmas Approaching: Give a Gift that Spies!

It’s that time of year – bells are ringing, children singing, oh what a merriful sight! But not everything may be holly jolly for you this christmas because the grinch is ruining your holiday with their sneaky deception.

Buy them a new phone for Christmas and install spysoftware on it to monitor all the texts messages, phone calls, and even where they actually travel when they go out. It doesn’t look suspicious (hey, it’s christmas) and you just bought a nice gift for them and yourself! Read our review of the top 3 mobile spy software and here’s an idea of some of the phones it will work with.

New years is approaching soon and did you know that the start of a new year is when most couples break up and change lives forever? It must be something to do with “new years resolutions” and wanting to be happy that makes one person in the relationship want to separate, but the research also showed that the spouses who left had previously had thoughts of leaving or had been unfaithfull during the previous year (85% of the time), which shows that new years is more of a catalyst to separation. This is a good reason to know more about what they are doing before the shit hits the fan.

Happy Holidays and best wishes everyone!

How to Hack a Yahoo Mail Password

Someone you know has a Yahoo account.. and you want the password. Whether you don’t trust your spouse or just looking to do some justice, i’m sure you have your reasons. Yahoo mail is estimated as the world’s largest email provider, and in February, 2008, a Yahoo executive claimed the company served 260 million email users which is very close to Hotmail’s numbers. With that many accounts, there is clearly a demand for hacking into these accounts. I don’t condone anything illegal, but I do believe that information should be freely available on the internet, no matter the subject, and that there are many situations and good reasons for doing so. I leave that up to you to decide.

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How to Hack Hotmail Passwords

MSN’s hotmail service is is estimated to have over 256.2 million users, and you’ve landed here to learn how to hack into just one of them. Whether it be to monitor your spouse, check up on your kids, revenge, or whatever business you might have, it is very possible to access the email account of someone you know – especially with Hotmail.

Lets go over the ways to obtain their password:
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Prevent Sneakies from Deleting Internet Browsing History

Think your spouse is hiding their tracks on the computer? Prevent them from deleting the browsing history with this great trick – for Internet Explorer Only.

Go to Start->Run and type in “regedit”. Click Ok to launch Windows Registry Editor. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel

If you get to the Microsoft key folder and don’t see keys for Internet Explorer\Control Panel, you’ll need to add Internet Explorer as a subkey of Microsoft and Control Panel as a subkey of Internet Explorer. Do this by right clicking the Control Panel folder and going to New->Key.

In the Control Panel folder, create a new DWORD value by right clicking and going to New->DWORD Value. Name it History. Now right-click the History value and choose Modify. Change the data from 0 to 1.

Now when you try to clear the history in Internet Explorer, the option will be greyed out!

Truth about Cell Phone Spying via Bluetooth

Lately, many sites have popped up selling an amazing sounding product – bluetooth hacking software! Wouldn’t it be awesome to hack anyone’s mobile phone so that you can read their text messages, address book, dialed numbers, received calls, and even their photos and videos? Many sites are saying you can, and people are paying $5 to $100 for it.

The truth is that not only is this software freely available, but it’s highly misleading on what it can actually do. I’ve taken the liberty to fully investigate and reveal the truth about bluetooth hacking.

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Use your webcam as a spy camera

If you ever thought your man/woman was cheating at your house, you probably thought about getting a hidden camera to record the action. What if you could use your computers webcam as a security device, with motion detection, all for free! All you need is a windows PC, a webcam, and a free program called Dorgem.

Read the full article on how to set it up.

For those mac users with the cool built in iSight cameras, you can try EvoCam, but it’s not free.

Truth about Password Hacking/Cracking

There are a few real ways to hack into online accounts, and there are many fake ways you will see all over the internet. Most of these fake ways tell you something like “you need to send an email to [email protected] your username/password in the subject line” which is some fake Yahoo account owned by some guy that just stole your password.

I’ll outline some common myths and things that don’t work, then i’ll tell you exactly how I did it and you can too.

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