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Get a Prenup Before Marriage – Relationship Tip #2

A prenup is not always about protecting your money. A prenuptial agreement, or prenup, is a legal agreement entered into by a bride and groom before marriage. If a marriage comes to divorce (2008 statistics say it’s about a coin flip of 40%), a prenup will protect your assets from the person you are divorcing. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I believe that most relationships don’t last forever (just look at the statistics) and that when it comes to divorce… thing’s can get extremely messy. It should not be considered bad to get a prenup and I will explain why and how prenups can be used for more than just protecting your assets.

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Relationship Tip #1 (accessing phone records)

The majority of couples living together or married have their phone service under one account (either because it saves money or its just easier), but what you might not realize is that it is very important that your name is the primary one on the account.

Simply having a phone line on the account will not matter when it comes to ownership – your phone number and call records belong to whoever’s name is on the account and you will need permission from the account holder to even transfer your phone number in the future. By having the account in your name you are insuring that your phone number is 100% yours and that you can access your spouse’s phone records whenever you want. Vice versa, you will also be protecting yourself from your spouse accessing YOUR phone records without your permission.

If your relationship were to ever head to divorce (and we both know divorce statistics are high), proving infidelity can be a huge factor in your favor during divorce court. If you do not have the phone account in your name you will need to file a Motion for Production of Documents with the court and subpoena the phone company for the call logs – not an easy feat. You could also get your spouse to sign a release and hand it to the phone company, but I don’t expect that to happen very often ;).

Life Healing Divorce Advice

When dealing with a divorce it can be a stressful time in your life, this is why you must carry on and take the steps needed to get back to a normal life, both physically and emotionally. There are some exercises that can be done, to help both males and females when dealing with divorce, follow this divorce advice and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. Divorce advice can be wrong for someone, but this also means that the same divorce advice can help other people inside of their lives, read over this selection, and see if it can’t help you in your divorce situation.

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Taxes In Divorce Settlements

When you are getting a divorce, often couples do not realize that any money awarded to either the ex-husband or ex-wife will be taxed by the government because these are considered “Gains” to the government.

When getting a divorce settlement(s) you will want to make sure that you realize that there are several taxes that should be considered when trying to figure out how much money you would have after the divorce settlement(s) are over. If one of the husband or wife in this couple was not working and taking care of the children the usually must be paid payments to ensure that they will not be homeless after the couple separates, these payments are usual in divorce court and are something that should be considered when going into talks about the divorce settlement.

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Divorce and Money

In divorce settlement(s) one of the hardest things to divide are monetary values that are not inside plain sight.

Some couples do not have all of their monies and property in normal value, the normal reason that couples do not want to show off their hidden assets, as they do not want these assets taken away or divided inside the course of the divorce settlement. A good lawyer will help to ensure that you will find all of the hidden assets that your spouse has, this will allow the court to divide these materials equally to the couple that is about to get a divorce. There are some things that you will want to look over, I will go over these things briefly to help you know what kind of assets you should be looking for in a divorce settlement(s) this way you will be better equipped to find these things.

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Divorce – When Children Are Involved

Your children ever since the children were born have been use to mommy and daddy living in the same house but since you are now getting a divorce this is something that the children will have to deal with and accept. This can be hard for many children to accept and this is why there are certain things that you will be able to do to help your child deal with the divorce, and deal with the fact that the child’s family is no longer in the same family unit that it once was. One thing you should know is there are a group of negative things that can happen if your children do not deal with this transmission correctly. I will outline some of the things that could show in the child, if a child is not properly dealing with not having a full family unit any longer.

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Military = High Divorce Rates

Military people are the people that are brave enough to fight for the United States inside of the Armed forces, but many of these men and women have been getting divorced a lot. This is due to the fact that many people that are in the Military do not get much time to spend with their family and this increases the divorce rate for military men and women.

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General Divorce Advice

A divorce can be a bad time, and this is why I offer several pieces of divorce advice in this article, these advices are just to help you get over having to deal with a divorce as many people know this can be a very rough time emotionally and physically and in some cases even financially. You can follow some of this advice today to help you get through your divorce and continue to have a happy life.

Being Friends With Your Ex-Wife Or Ex-Husband: When people break up they can feel like they no longer want to be friends with one another, but often people don’t realize if they do not get along then the children in the family could suffer. It is important to become friends with your ex-wife or ex-husband as this will help you get through the divorce process fast and without as much rough spots as their could be.
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Divorce Statistics

Marriage and Divorce Facts (2002)
Percentage of population that is married: 59% (down from 62% in 1990, 72% in 1970)
Percentage of population that has never married: 24%
Percentage of population that is divorced: 10% (up from 8% in 1990, 6% in 1980)
Percentage of population that is widowed: 7%
Median age at first marriage: Males: 26.9
Females: 25.3
Median age at first divorce: Males: 30.5
Females: 29
Median age at second marriage: Males: 34
Females: 32
Median age at second divorce: Males: 39.3
Females: 37
Median duration of first marriages that end in divorce: Males: 7.8 years
Females: 7.9 years
Median duration of second marriages that end in divorce: Males: 7.3 years
Females: 6.8 years
Median number of years people wait to remarry after their first divorce: Males: 3.3 years
Females: 3.1 years
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