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Track a Cell Phone for Free and in Real Time!

If your phone has built-in GPS (most do), has an unlimited data plan (internet needed), and runs Java MIDP-2.0 applications, check this out.

InstaMapper is a free service for tracking cell phones GPS locations and then displaying them in REAL-TIME on Google Maps for you to view. It’s the equivalent of sticking a GPS tracker on yourself (or someone else 😉 and then viewing where they go as it happens. InstaMapper also logs data locations, so you can see a picture of exactly where the phone has traveled in a time period. It’s entirely free and they store up to 100,000 locations per device.

Incredibly useful service, but the problem is most of us (or more specifically, our partners) don’t have cell phones that are capable of running the app, which is usually smartphones like the iPhone. It’s also sometimes impossible for a person to part with their personal self phone for any amount of time, so I have come up with an alternative.

Go to Best Buy or Target and they carry a Boost Mobile i425 prepaid phone for under $40. InstaMapper works with this phone and the unlimited data plan for this phone costs only 35 cents a day, so you should have yourself a fully working GPS tracking device all for only $40 bucks and a couple cents a day. The dimensions are like a thick candy bar, 5 in. x 2 in. x .5 in, so you can easily hide in a car… (oops, I didn’t say that).

Learn How to Trace a Suspicious Cell Phone Number

Cell phones are such a huge method of communication, practically replacing landline phones in recent years. Let’s face it; almost everyone has one. Unfortunately, they make it much easier for a cheaters to cheat. This is due to the fact that most individuals remain in close proximity of their phones, at all times.

If you do however get a hold of their cell phone and are suspicious about a number you find, there is something you can do. This is where a large reverse phone directory like ReversePhoneDetective.com can become your best friend. Enter in the number you want to know about and they can provide you an immense amount of public information including name, address, criminal record, job, credit, and any other public information. They offer a 100% guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results.

(If your search does not produce results a RPD staff member will continue the search at no extra charge. If they are unsuccessful, you will receive an immediate refund… no questions asked.)

Their database is one of the most comprehensive and largest in the industry today. Many other websites of this kind only offer very basic information such as name and address and only LANDLINE phone numbers or outdated information.

If you suspect your spouse is having an affair, grab their cell phone and look for suspicious numbers!

Christmas Approaching: Give a Gift that Spies!

It’s that time of year – bells are ringing, children singing, oh what a merriful sight! But not everything may be holly jolly for you this christmas because the grinch is ruining your holiday with their sneaky deception.

Buy them a new phone for Christmas and install spysoftware on it to monitor all the texts messages, phone calls, and even where they actually travel when they go out. It doesn’t look suspicious (hey, it’s christmas) and you just bought a nice gift for them and yourself! Read our review of the top 3 mobile spy software and here’s an idea of some of the phones it will work with.

New years is approaching soon and did you know that the start of a new year is when most couples break up and change lives forever? It must be something to do with “new years resolutions” and wanting to be happy that makes one person in the relationship want to separate, but the research also showed that the spouses who left had previously had thoughts of leaving or had been unfaithfull during the previous year (85% of the time), which shows that new years is more of a catalyst to separation. This is a good reason to know more about what they are doing before the shit hits the fan.

Happy Holidays and best wishes everyone!