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Relationship advice: romantic tips.

This is something most adults will realize sooner or later: getting into a relationship is easy enough… but mantaining a relationship, that’s where the real challenge lies. Once the throes of passion subside, it’s very common for a couple to drift together, and things have a way of going sour unless you take regular action to sweeten the deal.

If you lack the imagination to engage a streak of romance naturally, there is no need to feel bad about it… especially since there are strategies you can use to re-kindle the connection to your other half. In case you need some ideas, this post will provide you with some romantic tips that you can rely on. Just try doing some of these things, and you’ll be surprised with how a simple gesture can make a positive impact in your relationship.

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Women: How to get your Ex Boyfriend back

There are times in life when the best thing to do when a relationship ends… is just moving on with your life. But there are also times when it’s worth taking action and trying to get that special man back into your life. You have be very careful though with men, as they desire a challenge (thrill of the hunt) and will not respond to you begging to be with them again. If you’re serious about getting your ex boyfriend back, there are some general guidelines that you should keep in mind, to make sure you succeed doing so.

What you shouldn’t do if you really want your ex-boyfriend back.

Don’t act desperate, otherwise that will most likely push him away. You want to avoid all kinds of drama and emotional flair. You may think that bursting out in tears will make him feel sorry about leaving you behind, but it will most likely make him angry and uncomfortable. Flirting with him or submitting yourself to him physically may seem like a good idea, but it will more than likely have negative results.

Don’t start nagging him, otherwise you’ll come across as a stalker. Do not leave dozens of messages in his voice mail, do not text him each and every day asking for a second chance. Avoid acting as though you’re obsessed about him (even if you are), because that will just outright scare him. It may seem difficult, but you should try to keep your cool whenever you approach him or call him.

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Top 5 Things you Shouldn’t Do When Dumping a Cheater

It’s extremely painful to find out your boyfriend or girlfriend cheated on you, and you may feel angry and betrayed. You should. It doesn’t matter if they were drunk, lonely, “on a break”, or just plain horny – there is no excuse if you are in a committed relationship. In most cases if you are cheated on, it’s best to get out of the relationship and dump the cheater. You may feel the world has crumbled around you all of a sudden, but take this opportunity to learn something and grow.

When you find out that your spouse cheated on you, it can make you feel hurt so intensely that you’ll want to do some really bad things. Physical violence should ALWAYS be avoided. It can land you in jail and make the situation even more embarrassing and worse for you. We’ve heard some real interesting stories sent to us by readers, and most people felt the cheater deserved the revenge – but did it make them feel better? In most cases… yeah it did, but you might actually be doing more damage to yourself than you realize. Why would you want to keep focusing your precious energies and attention on a person that clearly proved they don’t love you? You may think that’s a way of punishing that dirtbag cheating whore douche (forgive my language, i’ve been cheated on too), but as a matter of fact it’s just a way of punishing yourself.

Although an insidious act of revenge can make you feel better or that things are even, it won’t heal the wound and will make you no better than the cheater. The best thing to do is.. be classy. Show them that you meant nothing to them and move on with out a care in the world. This might even hurt them worse than any evil revenge, because take it from me… the best revenge is having them regret you.

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Get your LIFE back 1: Not the same as “Get your EX Back”.

When a relationship ends, more often than not there’s a person who abandons the relationship – and another person who wishes the relationship wouldn’t have ended. It has been so from the dawn of humanity, and quite likely it will be so for as long as the human race endures. Breaking up is just a natural part of being in a relationship, in the same way that dying is a natural part of living.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a position where you suffered to see your boyfriend or girlfriend get out of your life, you surely have a good idea of what I’m talking about. If you are in such a position right now, maybe you’re reading this article looking for help. That a good thing, and you will get such help – but it may be in the form you expect. You see, in my opinion there are only two ways to escape your present suffering:

1) Deal with it. Accept you’re better off without that person; even though you may be suffering from romantic withdrawal, you should recognize your relationship wasn’t positive. If so, you need to focus on getting your life back.

2) Deal with it. If you can honestly say that your relationship was healthy and promising for both you and your partner, do something about it – but make sure you know what  you’re doing. Learn how to get your ex back.

3) Deal with it, but please do yourself a big favor and avoid making rash decisions and desperate moves. I’m well aware you’re suffering; but before you act, you need to stop and decide on the right course of action.

Ok, so to summarize our topics…. you really need to deal with it. First and foremost, you need to quit evading your pain; it’s there for a reason, and you can learn something from it. You can become a better person once you let your pain change you for the best. Just be honest with yourself, and don’t let yourself go sour on account of your suffering.

The most important thing you need to do right now is figuring out the most appropriate course of action – that’s before you deal with getting your life back. You should notice I’ve written get your LIFE back, not get your EX back. In some cases it will be the same thing, [Read more →]

How to Spot a Liar by their Eyes

It’s important to understand that people lie for two fundamental reasons: either because they anticipate pleasure, or they are wanting to avoid pain. Many of us lie for self interest everyday such as on a job resume or when the wife asks if we like her new dress (sorry ladies), but some people lie because they feel if they tell the truth, they won’t get what they want. These lies can be harmful to you, so i am going to show you how to detect such deception simply by looking in their eyes.

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